Kitchen and Dining Products Buying Guide

If you've got food or drink on the brain like we do, this is the spot for you. Whether you're stocking your new kitchen, getting a gift for your favorite foodie, or just trying to makes heads or tails of the kitchen, we can help. Of course, you could have every meal at a restaurant, but after a while that gets pretty expensive. And really boring.  If you are a traveler, you already know: there is nothing quite like a homeista, you've already heard that cooking can be therapeutic, whether it's for yourself or for a crowd. Here, it's all about what you'll need to get to the end result, what you'll need to serve it, and what you'll need to store it and clean the mess when you're done. Whether you're baking, brewing, stirfrying, cleaning or steaming, we've got you covered.

Large Appliances

If you own your apartment or housethis section will definitely be of interest.  Most of these devices are fixed and won't likely come with you when you move locations, but there's always room for an upgrade. These days, all appliances are getting more high tech, and even more stylish.  It's not enough to just think about whether you want that dishwasher in white or black, there's a host of decisions awaiting you.  We'll help you through it.

Cooking Tools and Equipment

Many purist feel less is more; if you have more than just 3 types of knives, you're overdoing it.  Well, move aside Small Appliances Small appliances are a must for every kitchen.  Blenders, mixers, toasters, and don't forget to look into specialty-shaped waffle makers!  You will often find that you need something for a specialized use, and seriously, who wants to make coffee without a coffee machine?

Tableware and Barware

Once you cook your feast, you'll need something to eat it with.  Of course there are your fingers, but unless you're eating Moroccan food or something similar, it's best to have the right utensils.

Organization and Extras

Ever been in a messy kitchen? Ever been afraid to eat what was prepared among all of the clutter? It's an all too common problem. We recommend planning and organizing your kitchen when you move in, and re-organizing once or twice a year. Having a clean and orderly kitchen, no matter the style, makes you and your guests feel comfortable and at home. And lucky for you, the preparation and cooking process is MUCH faster in a neat space. You'll thank yourself ten times over for bringing order to the chaos in that junk drawer.

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