Kitchen Trivets and Spoon Rests Buying Guide

In a kitchen, there are certain accessories that cannot be done away with, no matter how small or insignificant they seem. Kitchen trivets and spoon rests are two such items. 

Spoon Rests

To prevent fluids, oils or food stuff from staining the kitchen or dining table top, spoon rest are used to place the kitchen utensil or serving spoon. It is available in various sizes to hold different kinds of spoons – cutlery spoons, soup spoons and several kinds of serving spoons. Spoon rests are made of materials such as steel, ceramic, melamine, plastic, clay and even bamboo.  

Spoon rests are structured to hold the entire spoon conveniently without allowing any drips. They keep your kitchen counter tidy and hygienic. While cooking, the mixing spoon is generally left inside the hot pot or pan causing a burn on your fingers the next time you touch it. Prevent this by getting a spoon rest for your kitchen. 

Kitchen Trivets

A kitchen trivet is kept on a table or counter before placing a hot dish on it. The purpose behind it is that they hold the pots and pans above the table cloth or surface preventing it from heat.  

For holding heavy pots, wrought-iron or metal trivets are ideal as they are very strong. Plastic trivets and stainless steel trivets are also a good option. Ceramic trivets and wooden trivets are beautiful centrepieces for the dining table. Cloth trivets come in attractive designs but they may not be effective for very hot dishes. Straw trivets are another useful alternative.  

Trivets were originally three-legged steel stands. Nowadays, electric warming trivets have arrived and they are good for keeping food warm at the table for a long time. Tea trivets are used during tea time to hold tea pots, kettles and various, other tea crockery. Trivets are available in different colours and interesting shapes such as teapot shape or apple shape! 

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

KitchenAid Red Silicone Spoon Rest :

This is a perfect accompaniment to a stylish collection of kitchen utensils.

T & G Woodware Spot on Small Platter :

This trivet is a lovely centrepiece to adorn your table top.  

Nigella Lawson Living Kitchen Melamine Spoon Rest :

This is a dishwasher-safe spoon rest in a practical design.  

Quick Picks

Heal's House Acacia Irregular Trivet :

This trivet has an innovative design crafted from wood. 

Heavy Stainless Steel Spoon Rest :

This stainless steel spoon rest proves to be stable on any tabletop.  

Kitchen Trivet Coeur :

This is a sturdy and beautifully crafted trivet in a French design.

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