Knife Sharpeners and Steels Buying Guide

Knives have to have the right sharpness to be put to optimum use. A good knife should have a fine polished edge that cuts smoothly and stays sharp with some maintenance.  

Knife Sharpeners and Steels

Knife sharpeners and steels are the tools that give an optimum efficiency to knives.  

  • Knife Sharpeners are used when a knife becomes blunt. The cutting part of the knife is sharpened and given a smoother edge. Once the knife is sharp, then fingertips’ pressure is enough. Now many knife sharpeners come with steeling devices.
  • Sharpening Steels:  They are used to reshape uneven or rough parts of the knife so that the knife retains its sharpness. They are not useful when the knife is blunt. When a knife is blunt, a sharpener is to be used to make it sharp and the edges can be honed using steels

Types of Knife Sharpeners

  • Electric Knife Sharpeners: There are electric powered sharpeners which use diamond plates that give the knife a smoother edge.
  • Manual Knife Sharpeners: The manual knife sharpeners have two abrasive wheels between which the knife has to be placed and can be sharpened by moving it against the wheels. Materials used in manual sharpeners include Aluminium Oxide, ceramic or hard stones.
  • Stone Sharpeners: Other Sharpeners are sharpening stones like ceramic stones, Arkansas stones and water stones. The knife has to be grinded against the stone to get the cutting edge.

You have to assess the quality of the knives before you buy the steels or sharpeners. If the knives are of very good quality, it makes sense to buy a high end sharpener or steel.   


  • Wusthof Trident
  • Alessi
  • Gustav Emil Ern
  • Porsche

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Shinkansen Water Sharpener :

Soak the ceramic and Porsche knives in water before sharpening in this Shinkansen water sharpener. 

AnySharp Knife and Blade Sharpener :

The tungsten and carbide tools make the knife sharpening an easier process.

Sabatier Knife Sharpener Veritable Diamond Steel :

You will get an edge in your blunt knife quickly with the diamond coated steel sharpener.

Quick Picks

Fallkniven Professional Knife Sharpening Steels :

The knife sharpening steels feature a three rivet handle and are effective knife sharpeners.

Knife Sharpening Stone :

The knife sharpening stone from Kitchen Craft contains stones that sharpen and give clear edges to the knives.

Victorinox Knife Knives Sharpener with ceramic wheels :

The knife sharpener is an easy alternative to sharpening steels and stones.

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