Knife Storage Buying Guide

A good set of kitchen knives  can be a considerable investment, so it's only logical that you'd want to protect them when you're not chopping up a tasty meal.  There are all sorts of knife storage options on the market, some aimed more toward safety, others toward design and still others toward eliminating dirt and rust.  Hopefully, you can find a product that pleases you in all three areas.  Take a look at the following guide to get an idea of what may be right for your kitchen and cooking  needs.

The Options

Knife Block 

The most traditional way to store knives, a knife block is a welcome addition to any kitchen counter top.  And as long as it is out of reach for small children, it's also a safe choice.  The knives' blades are covered, protected from dirt, moisture and small hands.  Newer knife blocks are made from plastic and steel, as wood may more readily house bacteria.

Under-Cabinet Knife Holders 

If you don't have enough drawer space for your collection of kitchen knives, and under-cabinet knife holder may be a good solution.  These organisers swing down from the underside of the cabinet , revealing a design much like a knife tray.  This is also a great option if you want to ensure that your knives are out of the reach of small children.

Knife Trays 

If your kitchen drawers are disorganised, then having knives in the mix can be particularly dangerous.  Many cutting boards  come with knife trays that can fit snugly inside your drawer.  The knife blades are placed face-down in individual slots to avoid injury and protect sharpness.  Knife trays can be made from wood, steel or plastic, and can be custom-made to fit perfectly into your drawer.

Blade Covers 

The most simple option, blade covers don't give you a place to put your knives, but they do accomplish the basic task of blade protection when your knives are not in use.  They can be made from plastic, cardboard or polystyrene and help to preserve sharpness and prevent injury.  These are usually the most inexpensive of the storage options.

Magnetic Knife Holders 

Magnetic knife holders are great for clearing up counter space, and they often offer a sleek design that is a unique addition to any kitchen.  Mounted on the wall, these magnetic strips can also hold other metals utensils .    

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