Laser Printers

color laser printer is worth your while. A laser printer projects your desired image or document onto an electrically charged rotating drum, then through electrostatic energy, the ink you've inserted in your printer is picked up by the drum's charged areas and printed onto the paper. Direct contact and heat fuses the ink to the paper. Because the content you wish to print is transmitted through a project, or laser, it's important to not disrupt the printing process. If this does happen, in the least tragic of cases, your printing might turn out smudged or sideways, but you might actually damage your printer's laser.  Laser printers print faster and more quietly than their monochrome laser printer is faster than with a color laser printer. 

Color Laser Printers

Toner Cartridges A laser printer's ink cartridge is different from your traditional inkjet ones. In fact, they are actually called toner cartridges. Below we have some examples of several cartridges that could fit your model: * Hewlett Packard LaserJet 1300 Series Smart Print Cartridge * Minolta Black Toner Cartridge for SP 2000 and SP 3000 Printers * Lexmark T650, T652, and T654 Series High Yield Black Toner Cartridge

Major Manufacturers

* Brother Laser Printers * Canon Laser Printers * Dell Laser Printers * Hewlett Packard Laser Printers * Lexmark Laser Printers * Oki Data Laser Printers * Ricoh Laser Printers * Samsung Laser Printers * Xerox Laser Printers

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