Lawn Mowers Buying Guide

When your garden is becoming overgrown with grass and weeds , a lawn mower is a helpful commodity. But unless we're ankle deep in our lawn, most of us don't really think about our mowing needs. Some find the task to be a chore while others delight in trimming their lawn . Whatever your stance on the entertainment value of a lawn mower, if you need one, there are quite a few options to consider before buying.

What to Look For

There are three basic forms that are most popular: Manual reel mowers ,push mowers , and self-propelled mowers . Of course there are others, like the riding mower , the electric mower , and the tractor , that will all get your lawn trimmed. The three basics are much more popular, but it really depends on how much space you have for storage, how large your garden is, how much you want to spend, etc. It also depends on how much physical labour you are willing to put into keeping your garden tidy. The manual reel mower is completely powered by the user, while the push mower is only mostly powered by the user, and the self-propelled and riding mowers require no human power. So if you're more into the sweat and blood side of garden care, then maybe one of the human powered mowers is up your alley. And if garden care is more of a leisurely activity for you, possibly one of the self-propelled mowers would be your speed. Also remember, the size of your garden and the size of your shed are directly proportional to what kind of mower you should be looking for. Chances are, you will end up using a mower for the warmer months, and storing it for the cooler months. Make sure you have enough space. Also remember that if you have a small garden, buying a large mower doesn't really add up. 

Popular Lawn Mowers

Manual Reel Mower 

  • Small, good for small gardens
  • Eco-friendly
  • No petrol required
  • Less expensive

Push mower 

  •  Petrol powered
  • Some are available with a bag attached to collect clippings
  • Sized for most sized gardens

Self-Propelled Petrol Mower 

  • Most collect clippings
  • Sized for larger gardens
  • Requires less effort than other mowers
  • Petrol powered
  • Larger than other mowers

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