Lawn and Plant Care Buying Guide

Lawn Care Tool Types

  • Lawn Mowers are available as riding mowers, push mowers, with or without adjustable speeds, electric start or pull start types, mowers made of steel or aluminium.
  • Spreaders are used for applying fertilisers. There are drop and rotary spreaders. Rotary spreaders are used on lawns that are big and are free of flower gardens and beds and work quickly, while drop spreaders are precise and are ideal for small lawns.
  • Trimmers are used for cutting tall grasses and weed patches.
  • Lawn Edger is suitable for cutting in vertical angles for removing grass grown next to bushes or other foliage. It is available as rotary or turf edger.
  • Sprinklers are used for sprinkling water on lawns with timers. They can provide enough water to your lawn on a wider and more even distribution.

Plant Care Kits and Tools

  • Gel Crystals for storing water and for releasing fertilisers slowly. They can be used for all types of plants grown in grow bags and containers both outdoors and indoors.  Some kits even release food granules slowly.
  • Plant-grow kits with liquid and water feeders enable easy and automatic irrigation to plants potted in them.
  • Granules for water retention and plant food pellets are mainly used for plants in tubs, grow bags and baskets and also for garden borders and bed.  Plants are well fed and do not require watering often.
  • Plant care set with pruner, pole, fruit picking basket and saw are used for picking fruits with ease and without any damage to them.
  • pH testing kits for soil are useful for checking the pH level accurately and for nearly four hundred varieties of plants.
  • Plant enzymes are made up of proteins, RNA or amino acids. They help in converting minerals into plant food that can be absorbed easily by the plants using certain kinds of bacteria.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Lawn Mower 4-Wheel Honda :

This mower comes with the Unique Roto-stop technology that allows the engine to run while stopping the blade, for quick and safe unloading of the grass bag.

Stainless Steel Lawn Edger :

This lawn edger has a half-moon shape with turnover treads.

Water Retaining Gel & Feed-All Plant Food :

Now, you can use these specially formulated water-retaining gels for all your containers and hanging baskets.

Quick Picks

Soil pH Testing Kit :

It is essential to test the p level of your soil to identify which plants or vegetables suit existing soil.

Evergreen Complete Autumn Lawn Care :

It is packed with seaweed extracts, which strengthens roots to help grass withstand harsh winter weather.

Rotary Lawn Spreader :

With various settings, this spreader allows for quick and easy application of lawn care treatments over large areas.

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