Layette Buying Guide

If you're expecting or are looking for gifts to buy for a mum-to-be, buying clothes to add to the little one's layette  (a term that describes newborn clothing ) is extraordinarily useful.  As we all know, infants are capable of incredible messes, so the more clean clothes that are available, the better.  Keep in mind that these items are sized for children under about a stone in weight, so once the layette has been outgrown, you'll want to check out our guide to Infant Clothing.

Things to Consider

Newborns are especially delicate, so keep these pointers in mind as you're shopping:

  • A baby's umbilical cord will be tender and needs exposure to the air to heal, so it's best to put your child in two-piece outfits until the cord dries up and falls off.  For advice on this subject, see
  • Babies will squirm and fuss occasionally as you try to dress them, so look for clothes that are easily manoeuvrable and have simple fastenings.
  • Little necks are very delicate. Try to skip the pullover tops  until you are more confident in your skills. Opt for button or tie-front closures.
  • Babies can be sensitive to chemicals, dyes and cleansers, so wash everything in fragrance-free detergent  before dressing him or her.

Essential Items

Socks  and Booties 

Newborns should have between 5-7 pairs of socks; more if it's winter or the climate is particularly cool.

Hats  and Beanies 

Most heat loss takes place through the head, so one or two hats will keep your baby snug as a bug in a rug!


Newborns are going to spend a lot of time sleeping, so plan on about 5-7 sleepers or nightgowns .

Onesies  or Rompers 

Onesies look adorable, and they make for easy changing--without all the hassle of coordinating outfits.

Blanket  and Quilts

Swaddling  and receiving blankets  are great to have on hand, and come in a variety of colours and fabrics.

Shirts  and Tops 

Inevitably, some shirts are going to be stained with food or otherwise, so be sure to have a few extras.


Not every day is going to be a onesie day; keep several changes of trousers to mix things up a little.


1-2 towels (and hooded towels , if you prefer) are useful for keeping baby from getting cold after a bath.

Wash Cloths 

 Rub a dub dub, baby is in the tub! Keep about 3-5 wash cloths around so your child is squeaky clean.

Burp Cloths 

 Drool and spit-up with be the name of the game for the first few months, so you'll absolutely want these on hand.

Other Good Ideas


Little ones can get chilly much more easily than adults can, so it is wise to invest in a couple of sweaters.

Snow Suits 

 If you live in a cold or snowy climate and will be toting baby with you throughout your day, it's wise to invest in a snow suit.

Layette Sets 

 Buying a layette set can be incredibly convenient; you'll be free to worry about other things, like painting the nursery and so on.

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