Lighting Fixtures Buying Guide

Bring in light to your home or standing lamps, and nightlights. * '''Fixed Light Fixtures''': outdoor lighting all have fixed light fixtures. The protective housing is hidden behind the wall, ceiling, or floor, and only the fixture is exposed to fit in the bulbs.

Quick Picks

Size and Color

When purchasing lighting fixtures, the size matters a lot. For a proper fit, it is good to compare the fixture size to the area where you are planning to place it. You need to pick fixture colors that blend seamlessly with your existing interiors.

Light Fixture Controls

* '''Dimmer Switches''': You can customize the intensity of light required within your home with dimmer switches. Use them with light fixtures in your living room or bedroom. * '''Touch Control''': Lights that use touch control fixtures can be switched on or off with a touch of the hand. * '''Occupancy Sensor''': Lights with occupancy sensor fixtures detect motion. When motion has stopped for a specified time period, these fixtures turn off the power. It is good to pick these controls if you need to keep a tab on the electricity consumption.

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