Pendant Lights Buying Guide

Unlike chandeliers with multiple arms, these ornamental pendant lights single arms.

Kinds of Pendant Lights

Pendent lights are available in several shapes, designs, shades and colours with various installation fixtures. 

  • Inverted Pendants are lights that have glass open sides facing upwards.  These are most often used over kitchen islands or dinettes or breakfast nook tables.  They can be used as task lighting (focused) or for general illumination that they can even be used over desks or game tables.  Instead of table lamps over bedside tables, these lights can be used for freeing up the space especially if the tables are crowded or small.
  • Conventional pendant lights have glass or shades with open sides facing downwards.  They types of pendants can be installed in the foyer.
  • Mini pendant lights are smaller versions. They can be used as ambient light or task light mostly in bars, counters or kitchen islands.

Making a Choice

  • Take the ceiling height into consideration before selecting pendant lights.  They should ideally be twenty to thirty inches off the floor for good illumination covering a big area.
  • You can choose a group pendant if you need to angle and have control over the intensity of light. Otherwise, a single pendant should be sufficient.
  • Down pendant lights are selected to get enough illumination for a particular area like pool tables and so on. 
  • Other factors include the source of energy - electrical or battery operated pendants, design and style.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Beatrice Five Pendant Light Red Glass :

This artistic pendant light is made with red glass 

Micromark Kari Low Voltage Pendant :

This 5-light pendant has a brushed chrome finish.

Brushed Gold Pendant Light :

This beautiful gold pendant has clear crystal leaves.

Quick Picks

Blue Pendant Light :

This modern pendant has a blue glass light diffuser. 

Bundle Retro Pendant Chrome :

This 7-light pendant has mirror finish, ball-shaped shades.

Sculptural Pendant Light :

This contemporary light gives a shielded soft light effect.

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