Low Impact Workout Videos

The exercise videos listed here include strength training and toning as well as low impact aerobics. Besides serving these central purposes at all levels, they are also suitable for anyone with weak or previously injured knees or joints, as well as for the elderly or anyone who has been sedentary for extended periods of time. These are also a good start for beginners who have never worked out before.

Quick Picks

'''About Strength & Toning Videos''' This not only builds muscles and gives you shape and definition, but it also makes you stronger, more streamlined, and helps burn more calories even while you are not working out. Women's fear factor? Building bulk. Don't worry it's a myth. Women don't have enough testosterone to get bulky. However, do expect to get nice, shapely arms and legs. * Ab Centric Workouts *stability Ball *Salsa. * Aquarobics If you have a pool and can take advantage of it with a personal DVD player nearby, this is a great low impact workout that makes you work against the resistance of the water. * Pregnancy/Postpartum * Seniors/Seated Workouts *Qi Gong