Low Impact Workout Videos Buying Guide

Low impact home workouts are great for beginners since you do them in the privacy of your own home. Unlike at the gym, you don't have to worry about what you're wearing, who's noticing how much you're sweating or that you seem out of breath, or whether you're using complicated machines the right way. You can pause a workout if you need a breather, or rewind if you didn't catch onto an exercise the first time around. You can also do them whenever you want without having to leave the house. As for gym rats, you can supplement your visits with a videos to keep you sweating when the weather sucks too much to make the trip or you're travelling. Workout videos are available in all levels of fitness and for a wide variety of goals, be it fat loss, muscle toning, flexibility, to help you stay on track, so there's really no reason not to take advantage of them!

Strength and Toning

Winsor Pilates 

Cathe Friedrich's Muscle Max 

Shaping Up with Weights for Dummies 

Kari Anderson's Reach: Upbeat Toning & Flexibility 

Strength and Toning Videos

  • Don't worry about getting bulky; high reps, light dumbbells , and a general lack of testosterone in your system will ensure slender, shapely arms and legs from toning videos.
  • Workouts that combine toning with stretching, like Winsor Pilates , will help you look extra lean.
  • Think exercise videos are for wimps? Then you obviously haven't experienced Cathe Friederich . Get a cool, tough, spandex thong-free experience with her Muscle Max  vids.
  • Check out the props you'll need for videos to get a good idea of the kind of workout you're in for. A stability ball ,medicine Ball , or bosu ball  mean an ab and back challenge, stretchy bands  mean you'll be working on flexible strength, dumbbells  are a heads up that you'll be doing some serious toning and improving your over all strength.
  • Though you may not be getting your heart rate as high as with dance videos, toning workouts build muscle mass that will burn calories later on--even when you're not working out.

Other Low Impact Videos

Prevention: Dance It Off! 

Karen Voight's Ease Into Fitness 

Denise Austin's Blast Away Indoor Walk 

Crunch: Cardio Salsa 

Kathy Smith's Flex Appeal Bellydance 

Other Low Impact Videos

Perhaps you're looking for something a little more easy going than toning videos. Perhaps you're scared of Cathe Friederich. Maybe you want to try something new in addition to burning some calories. Then you've got some great options with low impact videos.

  • Dance  videos are perfect for burning calories without too much focus on form or rep counts. Just move and have fun!
  • Kickboxing  videos are tough and empowering, and don't require as much space as dance vids.
  • Salsa ,Swing Dance , and Hip Hop  videos can mix up your routine and teach you a few new moves.
  • Belly Dancing  keeps fast movements in a short range of motion and focuses on the core--great bets for protecting your joints and back.
  • Aqua-aerobics  are a great way to get the heart rate up and body moving while cushioning joints. If you've got a pool and a portable dvd player , you can work out right in your back yard!
  • Improve your cardiovascular health, zap lots of calories, and notice how much easier taking the stairs will get after working out with low impact videos. But you may want to supplement your routine with toning videos to build strength and calorie-burning muscle mass.

Low Intensity, Low Impact Videos

Whether you're elderly, injured, or looking for a more relaxing workout experience than doing the disco duck with Gene Simmons , a low intensity workout may be just the thing.

  • Tai Chi  features slow, sweeping movements that require focus and strength but no bouncing. Bonus? Improved balance (and fewer falls in the elderly). Qi Gong  is an even gentler option.
  • Yoga  is slightly more athletic than Tai Chi , but the workouts are available in a variety of speeds and skill levels. Flexibility is improved as well as strength and balance.
  • Pregnancy/Postpartum  videos are perfect if you're concerned about exercising safely, or need a targeted pick-me-up.
  • Seniors/Seated Workouts  are a super-safe and gentle way to get moving.

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