Massage Chairs


If you love the tension releasing feeling of a massage , but you don't feel like paying big bucks every week, consider investing in a massage chair  for your home. Imagine coming home from work, sitting down in your chair, getting a massage while watching TV. Sounds amazing, right? This guide will give you plenty of tips for picking the right massage chair for your needs. At a moderate price, these chairs will pay for themselves after only a few uses.

Choosing a Massage Chair

These are our guidelines:

  • Comfort is key.
    • If your massage chair will double as a recliner, make sure that it is comfortable.
        • You'll want to be completely relaxed, so find a fabric that feels good on your skin and a wide and deep seat.
    • If you're looking for a recliner, make sure that the reclining position is comfortable. Does it recline half way or fully horizontal? Also check to see if the recline is manual or automatic, since automatic will cost you more.
  • Space and Placement.
    • Since a massage chair can take up a large amount of space, make sure that you have enough room before you buy it.*** Will it become a permanent fixture in your living room or will it be kept somewhere else? This should determine the size and style of the chair you want.
  • Upholstery.
    • Leather is an option on most chairs, but it can sometimes crack and fade.
    • You can get a lether-like vinyl material, which will hold up better and looks the same.
    • Fabric chairs will probably most comfortable and are as durable as leather, but cleaning might be difficult.
  • Color and Style.
    • Choose a color that matches your decor and is relatively neutral. The same goes for the style of the chair. You wouldn't want your favorite chair to turn into an eyesore.

Choosing a Massage Chair Type

Car Massager 

Massage cushions  are a great alternative to a full sized massage chair. They can be put on top of any basic chair and are very inexpensive. Most are remote controlled and can offer heat, rolling, kneading, and vibration.

Office Massage Chair 

A stress free way to get through the workday! Try to get one that is quiet so you, and your coworkers, are less distracted.

Massage Recliner 

The ultimate in relaxation, a massage recliner is a great addition to your living room. While these chairs can be expensive, they come with many features and are the best quality.

Important Features

  • Stroke Length
    • Stroke length is the amount of vertical length that the chair can massage.
    • The longer the stroke length, the better the chair. You will want the chair to reach your entire body, not just your upper back.
  • Warranty
    • Make sure to look for a warranty program when you buy the chair that covers labor on electrical and structural elements.
    • Beware of the fine print.
  • Combo Kneading, Tapping, and Rolling
    • Most chairs can perform all of these functions, but look for one that can perform them all simultaneously.
    • Shiatsu  is another feature to look for, which is similar to kneading.
  • Mechanical Leg and Foot Massager
    • Look for a chair with actual kneading and rolling in the leg and foot area.
    • For more comfort, look for chairs with an ottoman or foot rest to match.
  • Body Scanning
    • The more expensive massage chairs come with a body scanning feature, which can sense your size and tailor the massage to you.

Top Picks

iJoy  models feel great, are sleekly designed, and moderately priced.

Human Touch 

Advanced massage technology, leather, and a moderate price. What more can you ask for?


Homedics offers many sleek chairs designed to fit right in with your decor at a moderate price.

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