Maternity Belts Buying Guide

Pregnancy period is both a combination of joy and physical discomfort.  When the abdomen starts expanding for accommodating the baby that is growing inside the womb it might result in severe backache, pressurised bladder, pain in the pelvic region, and varicose veins in some women. Hence women tend to look for devices or support garments which can create some additional support to the belly. Maternity belts  are made using elastic  which expands to fit the growing size of the pregnant tummies. They can also be used after delivery  of the baby to tone up and flatten the tummy. 

Types of Maternity Belts

  • Maternity belts are sold in different sizes like small ,medium  and large  in various colours .
  • Cotton  is the material that is used in the making of the maternity belts as they are soft , comfortable and breathable.
  • There are also certain types of maternity belts often referred to as belly bands  which can be wound around the back and extend above the bellies for providing extra support.
  • The material of the maternity belt should not cause any allergies or itching. Anti- allergy  and itch free maternity belts are a popular option.

Manufacturers of Maternity Belts

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Fortuna Maternity Belt :

The Fortuna Maternity belt is ideal for everyday use by pregnant mothers. It is durable and stands only hand wash.

Oppo maternity back support, maternity back belts :

The maternity belt helps reduce lower back pain that occurs in pregnant women

Soft Form Maternity Support Belt :

The Soft Form Maternity has a proven orthopaedic design with modern fabrics.

Quick Picks

Emma Jane - Maternity Band-O (Belly Band) :

The Maternity band is a required addition to the pregnant mother’s clothing.

Maternity Support Belt Large :

The maternity belt provides complete support to the lower back region and provides relief to pregnant mothers.

ProCare Maternity Belt :

The ProCare maternity belts are useful for any stage of pregnancy and they feature elastic.

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