Maternity Guide

When it comes to being a new mum there are several changes to which you must adjust. The incipient stages of motherhood may be beautiful, but they may also be stressful. As important as it is for you to address all the needs of your baby, you shouldn't jeopardize your own needs in the process. Whether pregnant or a new mum, you need a bit of pampering too! This guide will provide you with a few helpful tips when it comes to taking care of yourself. After all, a baby's health depends greatly on the physical and mental health of mum.

How to Shop for Maternity Clothes

When it comes to shopping for maternity clothes style and fashion don't have to be thrown out the window! Although it isn't easy adjusting to a new body and wardrobe, maternity clothes are making the adjustment easier as they not only help you stay comfortable, but also compliment you and your figure. Follow these simple tips and you will look great for the entire 9 months!

  • Shop for your pre-pregnancy size.
  • You will grow! Make sure to look for items that have 4 percent to 10 percent spandex or elastin.
  • Buy pants that will provide lots of room for your growing belly.
  • Look for tops that are A-line.
  • Shop for dresses that knee length or fall slightly below the knee. As the belly grows, the front hems will begin to rise! Buy a short dress and you could be showing off more than your pregnant belly.
  • Buy lots of different tops to match with your bottoms.
  • Whenever possible, try your items on! Looks can be deceiving! The only way you'll know something fits is to try it on!

Tips for Keeping Healthy

  • Eat for two! You're not just feeding yourself any more!
  • Vitamins and minerals are a must, especially vitamins rich in folic acids, vitamin B, calcium, and iron.
  • Eat a healthy diet.
  • Get lots of rest.
  • Do not smoke and avoid second-hand smoke.
  • Avoid all alcoholic beverages.
  • Talk to your doctor on a regular basis.
  • Exercise- a walk is the best form of exercise.

Changes in Mind and Body

As if losing your figure isn't enough! Aside from the most obvious change, your body will undergo many other changes as well. Know what to expect when you're expecting:

  • Mood swings: Premenstrual symptoms like moodiness and depression are likely to occur.
  • Nesting Instinct: The urge to clean and organize around the house in preparation for baby.
  • Difficulty concentrating: You may find it hard to concentration, especially during the first trimester when morning sickness is at its peak.
  • Bra size: In case you didn't already know, you can expect an increase in your bra size.
  • Skin: Skin conditions, such as acne may occur during pregnancy.
  • Hair and Nails: Hair may become more course in texture. Some women experience hair growth in unwanted areas; i.e. face and belly. Nails may become stronger or more brittle--either is possible.
  • Shoe size:As the weight of your belly increases, the added pressure may cause feet to swell. It is best to wear shoes slightly bigger to accommodate this increase.
  • Varicose Veins: Unfortunately the weight of the baby may result in the formation of varicose veins.
  • Haemorrhoids: Many women experience constipation during pregnancy which can lead to haemorrhoids.
  • Joint Mobility: During pregnancy your body produces a hormone known as relaxin that loosens your body's ligaments, which, in turn, may make you more susceptible to injury.

Keeping Cool in the Heat

  • Avoid going out in the mid-day sun.
  • Take a cold afternoon shower.
  • Place cold cloths on chest and belly.
  • wear light-coloured and loose clothing.
  • Drink drink drink! Staying hydrated is a must!

Maternal Care

Prenatal Vitamins

While pregnant it is important to get all the vitamins you need in order to keep healthy and strong. Most doctors recommend that pregnant women take prenatal vitamins as they are specially formulated to give them the nutrients they need and often lack during pregnancy; i.e. iron, calcium, and folic acid.

Maternity Clothing 

Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you shouldn't look and dress your best. Women of all shapes and sizes have a right to be fashionable!

Stretch Marks 

The dreaded stretch marks! Unfortunately, stretch marks are a reality of life in general. Lots of women have stretch marks, regardless of having been pregnant. Despite the ubiquity of these marks, there is hope.  Cocoa butter lotion is highly recommended for the treatment and prevention of stretch marks. If you do get them, be comforted by the fact that over time stretch marks fade and become less noticeable. In the end, it's a small price to pay for a little bundle of joy.

Maternal Fitness DVDs 

Keeping fit can be hard to do while carrying around extra weight, but it is still possible. Luckily there are videos designed to give pregnant woman a healthy and comfortable workout.

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