Maths Toys Buying Guide

Maths can be entertaining and easy for some children, while others find it more challenging, so maths toys should be fun whether the subject matter simple or difficult. So whether it's counting ,addition ,subtraction ,multiplication ,division  or fractions,  there are many options as far as toys go, all meant to stimulate, encourage, and entertain. 

Ages Two to Four

Count 'n Go Abacus Toy 

The abacus has been in use for centuries, so why not start with the basics? It's fun to play with, has colourful beads, and uses basic counting principles. 

Smart Snacks Counting Cookies 

Count one through ten on plastic biscuits that look delicious with countable rainbow chips on top. Comes with a lidded pot for storage. 

Count and Stack 

Counting to ten on cake can be fun with colourful frosting, and lots of stacking for hand-eye coordination.  When it's time to clean up, the layers stack inside one another.

Count and See  is an abacus but with more visual stimuli, with shapes and numbers for extra maths functions. Count out on the beads, and spell out the equation at the same time. Ages three and up. 

Jumbo Numbers Chunky Puzzle by Melissa & Doug  includes numbers one through twenty, with different shapes and colours.  This large-pieced puzzle combines counting and number order into one game.  

Ages Four to Six

Multiplication and Division Puzzles  help kids learn maths with this self-checking puzzle. Only the correct answer will fit, so children learn the correct answer every time. Cleans easily. Recommended for ages seven and up. 

Math Shark  has beeping sounds, flashing lights, and electronic voices, much like a video game. Covers most basic maths functions, and is a working calculator. Ages six and up.

Magnetic Poetry Backpack Math Multiplication  comes with a dry erase pen, and magnetic multiplication problems with answers on the back. Makes doing multiplication in the car or on the bus more fun.

Math Mat Challenge Game  makes maths physical. The mat has an electronic voice which quizzes, and the answers are stompable. For ages four and up; different levels for varying maths abilities.

Talking Clever Clock  is a self-checking game that comes with a workbook for extra time-based maths problems. Kids learn how to tell time while the clock talks to them with different games. Ages five and up.   

Ages Six to Eight

See N' Solve Calculator  shows the entire problem, just like how kids are taught to write it out, instead of the last digits entered. Colourful with large buttons, kids get a feel for maths while using a calculator.

Addattack  makes maths a group activity.  With two to four players, this game works with addition, subtraction and patterns. For children ages seven and up.

The Beginning Fraction Zone Bingo Game  introduces kids to fractions using shapes like circles and rectangles. Kids make their own bingo cards, for a fun way to start fractions. Ages seven and up.

Dino Math Tracks Place Value Game  combines dinosaurs with maths, and  for extra fun, two to four players can join in. Kids work with addition, subtraction, and place value, as well as counting skills.

Twist and Shout Multiplication  lets kids use music to better learn their maths. It talks to kids and encourages them, plays music, and lets them pick their problems with the turn of the dials.

Hooked on Math  comes with lots of extras to play with, audio CDs, workbooks, play-money, game pieces, stickers, and a parent guide. With so much to do, kids stay busy.

Math Blaster  is a computer game that helps kids improve their maths without meaning to. With a fun plot, and lots of adventures to go on, kids won't realise that they're learning.

Talicor Math Animals  is a large game with colourful animals for counting fun. Kids get the visual side of addition and subtraction with fun shapes and familiar creatures.

Tangle Toys  are colourful, creative toys that are meant to translate concepts in a hands-on approach. Aimed at boys, girls, and adults.    

Ages Nine to Twelve

Decision/Money Management Board Game  is based on the stock market, with players managing their money and trying to raise their stocks.  Kids can works on computing and record-keeping.   

Blokus  has won awards, and is easy to play with bright colours, and is based on spatial understanding and strategy. Received a Mensa award, and involves parents, who generally find it fun.   

Snap Circuits Jr SC-100 

Build fun and exciting, functional projects with an easy-to-follow instruction guide complete with detailed images.

Mancala  is a standard in board-play, with different board shapes and sizes available for different numbers of players. The goal is to capture more beads, shells, or seeds than the opponent.

Rumis  works with spatial awareness and critical thinking. This is a board game with colourful pieces, and is fun for the whole family. 

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