Meat Grinders

Although it is usually assumed that mincers  are only for meat, there are a variety of other uses around the kitchen. If you have a stand mixer , many have a mincer attachment  that you can add. You might also be able to use your food processor for some mincing tasks. But if you need a mincer on a regular basis (if you make a lot of sausages, for example) then you might want to invest in a committed meat mincer.

Why Not Buy Pre-Minced Meat?

It is cheaper and healthier to make your own sausage, spreads, and pates, since you are in complete control of what goes into them. You also know exactly what else has been through the grinder, how clean it is, and how long it has been sitting since it was ground. You can also customise your food. If you can't find the ground sirloin you want, make your own! Got 60 kilos of elk in the freezer? Time for a sausage-making weekend.

Types of Mincers

There are two kinds of mincers, although there are only a few brands in each category. If you have strong arms or not much to mince, you might opt for a manual mincer . If you make a lot of sausage or need more power for other tasks, use an electric mincer .

What Can You Make with a Mincer?

Fine Grind Setting

  • Spreads
  • Pates
  • Baby food
  • Ground meats for hamburgers and sausages.

Coarse Grind Setting

  • Beef for chili
  • Nuts
  • Vegetables
  • Bread crumbs

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