Memory Pillow Buying Guide

All benefits that can be derived from a normal stuffed pillow can very well be derived from memory pillows too. However, memory foam pillows and mattresses can give you added benefits. Memory foam is a therapeutic sleep surface. Contour foam pillows relieve pressure points and are especially recommended for babies, pregnant women and people with sleeping disorders. The name is derived from the fact that it adjusts to the sleeper’s body in a matter of minutes. Memory foam is made from visco-elastic polyurethane foam and is different from regular foam counterparts. 

Factors to Consider

Consider the following factors before buying one.

  • Your sleeping style: Unlike ordinary pillows, memory pillow can adjust itself to give more comfort to your head, neck and back preventing sprain or backache. It’s firm like other pillows, yet capable of changing its shape to any desired form.  
  • The hypoallergenic element: It absorbs pressure and heat and is made from breathable fabrics. You should know if you are sensitive or allergic to certain materials. 

Types and Uses

  • Contour or neck pillow: The standard pillow has two crests and a trough in between them. Memory pillows make a big difference in adapting themselves to the contour of the user. This facilitates easy breathing resulting in a deep and comfortable sleep. 
  • Body Pillow: This is an over-sized version of a standard pillow. It is shaped in such a way that the user sleeps with more comfort. It typically runs the full length of the body. A memory body pillow is designed and shaped to rest neck and body in a comfortable posture. 
  • Travel Pillow: The boomerang or C-shaped pillow is lightweight and portable. Unlike conventional type pillows, they are not used to lie on. They are most suitable for flight and car journeys.     

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Clevamama Memory Foam Baby Pillow :

Give your baby a sound night’s sleep, every night!

Ortho+Therapy Memory Foam 4-Position Pillow :

This foam pillow perfectly contours the lines and curves of your body.

Luxury Moulded Memory Foam Pillow :

Get this standard size pillow for stress-free sleep!

Quick Picks

Memory Foam Lumbar Travel Body Back Pillow Cushion :

This pillow supports your back perfectly.

Physio Pillow – Memory Foam :

This pillow will quickly mould to your body shape and give your restful sleep.

Breasley Flexcell Luxury Traditional Shape Memory Foam Pillow :

This pillow absorbs body heat and moisture produced while sleeping.

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