Men's Clothing Designers Buying Guide

Women aren't the only ones who enjoy dressing in a little designer here and there. There are plenty of men's clothing designers out there. Whether they cater to a formal corporate crowd or a young, laidback group, their clothing is specially made to make sure all you gentlemen look your very best. We've compiled a few popular designers and provided you with a brief summary of their main styles and signature looks.


  • Sporty athletic clothes suited for both youth and adults.


  • Well-tailored looks suited for those who always like to look neat, fun, rich, and fabulous. 


  • This Italian designer is best known for his gorgeous tailored suits .

Fred Perry 

  • Polos, oxford shirts, and sporty jackets make Fred Perry a designer that spans generations.

C.P. Company 

  • Simple, classic designs with trendy accents make up the bulk of this designer's clothing.


  • Classic, rich elegance that is simple enough for everyday wear. A staple in the fashion world for decades.


  • This Dutch label produces fashionable urban wear perfect for youth.


  • Classic looks that range from formal to casual, but always look put-together and neat. 


  • The Fall 08 line from this classic label was filled with black everything and classic designs in futuristic fabrics. 


  • Trendy clothing catering to a young, hip crowd. Unique and fun graphic tees are a huge staple of this label. 


  • Known primarily for their jeans and denim clothing, Diesel is perfect for those men who love rugged, modern looks that are more rock star than living in the middle of wilderness.

Dolce & Gabbana 

  • Experimental men's fashion based on classic yet imaginative ideas. Always well-tailored and unique, these clothes are perfect for the adventurous man. 


  • Super simple designs with little trendy details make up the bulk of this label.. 


  • Best known for their suits , Gucci makes classic tailored suits with only the finest materials.

Hugo Boss 

  • The epitome of European class and sophistication, no classy business man can go without a few articles of clothing from Hugo Boss.

Lyle & Scott 

  • Once known only for their knitwears and popularity among golfers, this Scottish label is now gaining major steam amoung trendy, non-golfing European youth. 

Old Glory 

  • You'll find trendy, rock and roll pieces here that are perfect for those casual days when you still want to look hip and stylish. 

One True Saxon 

  • This label provides men in their 20s and 30s with clothing that will take them from a rock show to the office. 

Ben Sherman 

  • This British designer, known for mod 60's designs, popularized the button down collar. The label is stil best known for their shirts.

Etienne Ozeki 

  • This designer also caters to men in their 20s and 30s. Expect to find a mix of graphic tees and well tailored jackets and oxford shirts.


  • Known for their crocodile logo, this label is super preppy and fun. Collared shirts and polos make up the bulk of their line.


  • No man can go without a pair of Levi's jeans !  Their Dockers  brand is well suited for office casual dress.


  • Along with Adidas, Nike has been a long-time leader in sporty fashions and work-out gear. 

Paul & Shark 

  • This sportswear company is based in Italy. In the UK, the brand is commonplace in the casual football scene, especially with followers of northern clubs, most notiably Manchester United and Sheffield Wednesday.


  • Their men's line is all about self-conscious style and sophisticated black. Their clothing is usually best meant for men with thin legs, narrow hips and tight abs.

Ralph Lauren 

  • These clothes are super preppy but suited for both youth and older office workers.
  • There are several different lines. Rugby ,Polo ,  Black Label ,Purple Label , and RLX  are all example of popular lines on this label. 

Stone Island 

  • This line originated from the C.P. Company label. This line is especially popular in the UK among football fan 'casuals'. 


  • Rustic, classic looks make up the bulk of the clothing from this label.
  • They're best known for their classic and super popular Timberland boots .


  • Penguin is a label that caters to a young, 20-something crowd. There are plenty of polo shirts  and graphic tees  here, but also a few button down shirts  and sweaters that would be the perfect attire for a semi-casual interview.


  • Italian wealth and elegance at its best, this line is especially well known for their tailored and high quality suits . Anything but casual, this line is expensive and suited for those who truly epitomize "classic money". 

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