Men's Polo Shirts

Polo shirts  strike the perfect balance between casual comfort  and professional elegance : the wearer sports half-length short sleeves  while retaining a placket of buttons and a collar . You've undoubtedly seen them around, as they've become a fixture  in almost all arenas of life: the workplace , as a sports uniform , and as stylish public outerwear . "Polos ," if you're a fan of brevity, are knit shirts well known for coming in myriad colours , and they often boast stripes both thick and thin , horizontal and vertical. In fact, there's almost no end to the combinations of colour and patterns  you can find gracing the likes of a polo shirt . Maybe that's why they're so popular , and so easy and fun to incorporate into your wardrobe!

History of the Polo Shirt

The polo shirt  isn't just the result of polo  matches. In fact, there are other sports that lend their name to this article of clothing: specifically, golf and tennis. It was tennis players who first popularized this garment as a uniform. Rene Lacoste, a champion tennis player and future designer, was fed up with the restrictive, hot, and cumbersome button-up "tennis whites" that had been the normal garb for competitive play. He came up with a compromise: a short-sleeved, soft-collared, light-weight, polo  that was more accommodating to competitive play. It remained white, and the original incarnations had "tails," so it retained a lot of its professional distinction. Soon, the eponymous polo became a wardrobe staple, and everyday citizens worldwide were adapting polo shirts  into their repertoire. Gone were the days of, in essence, playing sports in full suits, and born was the now ubiquitous polo tee shirt !

Top Sellers

Pierre Cardin Polo Shirt 

This dark, striped polo shirt  will give you that refined look while still keeping you cool. Wear it out to a summer dinner party. 

Fruit of the Loom Tipped Polo Shirt 

A standard polo  pairs beautifully with a pair of nice dress pants. Or, wear it out on the golf course.

Fruit of the Loom Heavy 65/35 Pique Polo Shirt 

Made from thick material, this polo shirt  is perfect for early spring and late fall. 

Calvin Klein Short Sleeve Polo 

Show off your arms in this summery, cropped-arm polo from the reputable Calvin Klein .

Slazenger Plain Polo Shirt 

This polo  works under blazers or as a standalone.

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