Men's Suits

Whether you have a wedding  to attend or simply want to impress your girlfriend's parents at a fancy dinner, shopping for a men's suit  is important. There are a lot of things to consider: colour, cut, where to buy, what shoes to wear, and so much more! This guide will help to dress you from top to bottom.

Dress Shirts

You need to start with a formal dress shirt  that's going to cleverly match your tie and jacket. Fortunately, you have lots of options.

  • Shirt Colour : So many colours to choose from can be a bit overwhelming. Make sure you go with a colour that matches your overall attire, but don't try to match too well--you may end up clashing. For example, a light blue shirt with a dark blue tie underneath a grey suit would have everything complementing nicely. Also consider how your skin tone matches the colour you choose, and be careful when mixing patterns.
  • Fit : There are generally three different options for fit: slim cut ,regular cut  and full cut . Slim cut will snugly fit your build while regular cut will allow for a little more room all around. The full cut is a bit longer in the front and can accommodate men with bigger statures.
  • Fabric : Most shirts are made out of 100% cotton  which allows for comfort and air flow. Cotton blend shirts  can incorporate Lycra  or polyester  and produce a heavier feeling. There are also linen shirts , which are made of lightweight material and are better to wear in the summer months.


There certainly are a lot of options when it comes to choosing ties . The number of colours and patterns can tend to create some confusion. Ties can be made out of materials such as polyester ,silk, wool  or leather .Tie styles  can vary as well and have a skinny or narrow shape instead of the traditional wider model.


So you've picked out a nice shirt and  tie that complement each other. Time to find the suit! Fit is very important when it comes to shopping for formal wear. You want to make sure that you are going to be comfortable in whatever style you choose and you want it to look good.

  • Suit jackets : Single-breasted  or double-breasted ? Consider which style would suit you best and keep in mind that the double-breasted style may fit a little tightly around the waist. There can be from one to four jacket buttons  on the front, depending on which style you prefer.
  • Trousers : Typically these have two pleats in the front and can have one or two cuffs on the bottom. Consider getting the bottom tailored if they seem too long.
  • Materials can range from cotton ,tweed ,linen ,synthetic fibres  or polyester . Most commonly, they are made from wool .
  • The most popular suit colours  are light grey, dark grey, and navy. There are also plenty of other colours to choose from, such as brown, tan, or olive.
  • Styles can range from plaid to stripes to solids.


Make sure your shoes fit comfortably- no matter what event you are attending, you don't want to deal with aching feet all night. Also, be sure to match your footwear to the rest of your attire. Obviously, black shoes and a blue suit would not match, but brown shoes with a navy suit would look nice. Here are some popular brands with varying price ranges to get you started:


A few more odds and ends you might want to consider:

Extra Items



Tie Clips 

Cuff Links 

Shoe Shining 

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