Men's Summer Style Guide

By User:bkeating9 @timeAndDate(1302624484)Brian Keating With summer fast approachingrounded guide to what's hot for Summer 2011.  Let's get ready to face the sun and sand in style!

Summer Footwear

We've decided to start from the bottom up, beginning with several different footwear trends that will have you looking your best this season, whether you're heading to the office, the beach, or out for a night on the town.

Summer Pants

In this section we will certainly show you some great styles for this summer, but we will also focus on different ways to wear them and how designers are tailoring and achieving new looks. '''Rolled-Up Pant Cuffs: ''' * Beginning with the Men's 2009 Spring and Summer Collections, and owing largely to the efforts of American designer Thom Browne, the rolled pant cuff became the rage both on the runway and on the street.  Last summer, if you were Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to Portland, Oregon, you were sure to see rolled jeans and bare ankles. * I have a hard time imagining that this look is going anywhere, though according to the 2011 Spring and Summer fashion shows, shorts seem to making a comeback, especially when coupled with blazers, and of course, cutthe hipsters just can't seem to let them die. * I recommend Tommy Hilfiger Men's Chino Pants (pictured), for a casual yet cosmopolitan look.  In addition, the cropped ankle works perfectly with several of the footwear options listed above. * I recommend Shorts and Boardshorts Though pants tend to offer more stylish options, wearing them throughout an entire stifling summer is simply foolish.  It really pays to have a couple of trendy pairs of shorts, especially when August rolls around.  Also, we cannot forget about bathing suitsjust because you'll be spending most of the day horsing around in the water doesn't mean you should look like a slouch, or worse: a complete tourist.  

Summer Shirts

Men's summer shirts are about two things: versatility and comfort.  You want to invest in shirts that will let you to slip seamlessly from formal to casual environments, and you want to choose fabrics that are light and will allow your skin to breathe.  In this section, will we focus on shirt styles that will hold up in the office and on the golf course, but also for when things get interesting at the rooftop cocktail party.



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