Men's Thermal Underwear Buying Guide

Thermal underwear for men is thin, lightweight garment made with micro fleece. Most often the thermal underwear for men comes with a breathable outer and middle layer that it is found to be useful for men who participate in snowboarding or skiing.   

When thermal underwear can be worn?

Thermal underwear is worn often during winter or cold seasons and looks slim and fits like gloves. However, some thermal underwear can be worn both during warm and cold seasons as they have a base layer which helps in keeping the wearer both cool and warm.  Normally the base layer of the underwear consists of phase changing substances like paraffin which melts when the temperature goes beyond 85 degrees Fahrenheit and below this temperature freezes. When the substance melts, heat is absorbed by the underwear and heat is released when it freezes thus maintaining the normal temperature of the body even when the temperature outside changes. 

Types of Thermal Underwear

You can choose from natural and synthetic thermal underwear. Fabrics like wool, cotton and silk are natural layers, while polypropylene, polyester and nylon are synthetics. You can get different blends and thicknesses of thermal underwear depending on your requirement. 

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Men’s Thermal Underwear Trunks :

These men thermal underwear trunks are available in pack of two. 

Thermal Check Trousers :

These check trousers are warm and comfortable to wear and has elasticised draw cord waist. 

Men’s Silk V-Neck Vest :

An all time favourite, these silk vests make you stay cool in the tropics. 

Quick Picks

Cotton Blend Long Sleeve Thermal Vest :

You will love to wear these long sleeve thermal vests made from cotton. 

Thermal Pants :

These thermal pants are made from machine washable fabric containing 65% polyester and 35% cotton. 

Mil-Com Thermal Underwear Set 2pc :

Made if 100% polyester, this underwear set is available in four varying sizes.   

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