Men's Undergarments Buying Guide

Sure, there aren't as many undies  options for guys as there are for girls, but that doesn't mean there aren't any fun styles out there!  From cheeky designs and colours to various cuts and fits, buying guys' undergarments  can actually be both fun and a little tricky.  It's important to remember the comfort and support factors along with overall look.  And while sifting through all the choices can leave you feeling like you want to forgo the undies altogether, trust us when we say that that can be a painful, not to mention icky, style choice!  Instead, check out our buying guide for some simple suggestions that will leave you feeling sexy and secure.

The Underpants

No matter what the style, you want the waistband of your underwear to fit snugly, but not so tight as to be uncomfortable.  You should take into account the comfort factor when choosing between exposed elastic waistbands and those covered in cloth, and remember, the size of your underpants should match that of your normal pants.

Pants Styles


The traditional boxer is a full rise, full cut short made from cotton or silk. They loosely cover the body from the waist to just above mid-thigh and usually have a working fly.  Tapered boxers are slimmer cut boxers that suit those that need a trim fit with more leg freedom.  Tapered boxers may also have leg vents, but a working fly is not always present.



The proverbial tighty-whitey, this style usually has a full rise, with an overlap fly or a contour pouch.  There are low-rise and mid-rise options, however, which sit below the natural waist.  Sport briefs are another popular variation, having a front cup and back panel for support.  There are no sides--just an elastic waistband--but this style does cover more than the string bikini or thong.

Boxer Briefs 

The boxer brief is cut like biker pants, but the design is just a little bit shorter on the thigh. You could also say that It fits snugly like a brief, but is cut longer in the leg like a boxer.  Boxer briefs also usually have a traditional front fly.


The men's bikini style is cut lower than a low-rise brief,  but it still provides full rear coverage.  It also has a distinctly high cut on the thigh and never has a working fly in the front.  The string bikini option has leg openings that go all the way to the waistband, with full seat coverage but no working fly.

More Underwear

Long Johns 

These bottoms are great in particularly cold weather, and are usually ankle length.

Compression Short 

Compression shorts are very similar to boxer briefs or biker shorts and are often  made from a spandex-like material.  They are super flexible and help keep your muscles warm during exercise to prevent strains or pulls. They also prevent chafing and rashes. This short offers the wearer uniform pressure and support to key muscles and often is used in place of a jock strap.


This undergarment closely resembles 50s style swim trunks.  The design is also very close to the boxer brief style, just with shorter legs.

Thong or Jockstrap 

This style has an elastic waistband and a front cup, best used for increased support during athletics.  In a jock strap particularly, the cup is super-impact-resistant, and is connected to the rest of the garment by two straps that extend from the base of the pouch around the rear to the sides of the waistband.

Undershirt Styles



Tank Top 


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