Milestone Jewellery Gifts Buying Guide

Whether it be your daughter, girlfriend, wife or niece, jewellery  is a great way to commemorate lifetime milestones.  Precious metals  and gems  can last a lifetime, making it easier to remember the special occasion for which they were given.  To help you decide what jewellery should be gifted and when, we've comprised a buying guide with some of the most common milestone occasions and their appropriate jewellery options.

Special Days


Baptism gifts  are often simple pieces of jewellery that may incorporate religious symbols, like crosses and patron saints.  It is most traditional to give pearl rosaries or bracelets along with silver or gold cross necklaces.  For those little girls who have their ears pierced as infants, sterling silver, pearl or diamond studs are also appropriate.  If you are uncomfortable, however, buying infant-sized, durable jewellery items, it is also acceptable to give pieces that the child will appreciate and wear later in life.

Child's Rosary 

Patron Saint Pendant 

Stud Earrings 

Cross Pendant 


Another day of religious significance in the Christian tradition, a girl's first holy communion  is often commemorated with jewellery keepsakes.  Much like baptism, rosaries, pearl necklaces and cross bearing chains are often given as gifts.  Because of the child's age at this time (around seven or eight), however, it may be worthwhile to get a bit more creative with your pieces.  Charm  bracelets with religious trinkets like angels, stars and crosses are a step up from traditional gifts, as are earrings bearing similar motifs.

Pearl Bracelet 

Angel Earrings 

Cross Earrings 

Religious Charm Bracelet 

Bat Mitzvah (12 years)

In the Jewish tradition, a bat mitzvah  helps signify a girl's transition into young adulthood.  To help commemorate this event, bracelets, earrings and necklaces that bear the star of David or Hamsa pendant (to protect from the evil eye) are often most appropriate.  For a more subtle message, jewellery made with jade--a 12th anniversary stone--is supposed to bring strength and self-confidence to the wearer.

Star of David 

Hamsa Pendant 

Jewish Charm Bracelet 

Chai Necklace 


Confirming one's faith in the Christian religious tradition can only come after many days of study and prayer.  To reward the recently confirmed for such hard work, it's common to give jewellery pieces that are bit more fun--achieved with more adornments or more brightly coloured bead work.  Reconciliation story bracelets and charm bracelets decorated with hearts to symbolize the love of God are just some of the unique gift ideas perfect for this special event.

Reconciliation Story Bracelet 

Bible Charm 

Heart Charm Bracelet 

Ichthus Charm 

Sweet 16

A momentous occasion for a young woman of any faith or cultural background, a sweet 16th birthday is a  perfect opportunity to give beautiful, playful pieces of jewellery.  When choosing a stone, peridot is the most common--it's16th anniversary green gem that is said to bring power, prosperity and even fame to the wearer.  For a more classic look, pearls, silver and gold are very appropriate for a 16th birthday.  Because these items are more traditional, they can be used over and over again by the wearer--perhaps on a first date or a first job interview!  What's most important about these jewellery items is that they are made from precious stones and metals, as it shows an acknowledgement of the wearer's movement toward adulthood and a heightened sense of responsibility.


Pearl Necklace 

Diamond Solitaire 

Sterling Silver Bracelet 


Graduating from high school is  another important occasion which signals transition and a move toward adulthood.  Help her remember you while she's off at college or starting her first real job with a locket or pendant that stays close to her heart.  Rings and bracelets engraved with the date of the graduation can also be memorable gifts.


Graduation Charm 

Graduation Year Charm 

Graduation Ring 


Wedding anniversaries are also perfect occasions for milestone jewellery.  With each year comes a unique stone or metal.  Check out some of the most common pieces for big anniversaries:

30th Anniversary


40th Anniversary


50th Anniversary


60th Anniversary


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