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Hamza Yusuf is regarded as one of the foremost Muslim thinkers and theologians in the English-speaking world. Hamza Yusuf’s story is of both the East and the West, of both Islam and America. Widely admired for a fluid familiarity with scholarship from both the East and the West, Yusuf has delivered lectures at some of the world’s most prominent universities. He has translated into modern English several classical Arabic texts and poems, including the newest rendering of the 13th century devotional poem, the Burda, or The Poem of the Cloak. Most recently, he published Purification of the Heart, a translation and commentary of Imam al-Mawlud’s Matharat al-Qulub, a nineteenth century text that examines the conditions and treatments of the spiritual heart. He has written numerous editorials and essays and has also appeared on several national and international media outlets as an outspoken advocate for a better understanding between the Muslim East and the modern West.

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