Money Saving Tips for Weddings

You may have been dreaming about your wedding day  since you were six years old, but did you ever think about how you'd get the money to have that perfect ceremony  and reception ?  If tons of cash isn't in the stars for you, you can still have an amazing wedding on a budget.  It takes careful planning and attention to the details--you have more avenues to save money than you know.


There are tons of ways to save money on your wedding invites .

  • Trim your guest list. You don't have to send out as many invitations if you don't have a ton of people to invite. If you haven't talked to someone in five years, they're out. If your friends have young children, tell them to find a sitter.
  • Save paper. You don't need inner envelopes and blotters, or even reply cards. Ask your guests to reply by phone or email and you'll save tons of money on postage and the printer bill.
  • Change the day of the week/month. You can go crazy on the invites if your wedding is on a less than popular day or a less than popular month. This means weekdays and winter are your friends.


The idea of compromising on your wedding gown  may churn your stomach, but you have to be open to all the possibilities!  Plus, you can always skimp on the outfits for the bridal party too.  Your bridesmaids will probably be happy that they don't have to shell out a ton for their dresses  anyway.

  • Check out sample sales. These sales generally happen about once a year and are a great place to find the designer dresses at really low prices. They'll work out best if you're one of the most common sizes--10, 12 or 14.
  • Consider renting. If you don't care about keeping the dress for sentimental reasons--or for collecting dust--renting is an awesome way to save hundreds of dollars.
  • Go shopping for bridesmaids' dresses  during prom season and after New Years. Wedding shops aren't the only places where you can find great styles.
  • Shop for wedding shoes  in the summer, when white shoes are everywhere. If you wait until an off-season, you'll end up paying tons for the same shoes at a bridal shop.

Flowers and Decor

  • Silk flowers look fresh. Well-made silk flowers  are cheaper than the real deal while still looking just as fabulous. This goes for centrepieces, bridal party bouquets and other accents--only splurge with the real stuff on the bride's bouquet.
  • If you're having a religious wedding , move the date toward a major holiday. This means that the church will already be decorated, which will save you money on floral arrangements, garlands and tons of other decor.
  • Keep things simple. If you're having your wedding outdoors, the natural scenery is a perfect backdrop. If you're having a church wedding , candelight playing off stained-glass windows can add just the right amount of romance.


  • Buy a plain wedding cake . Decorate it yourself with silk or fresh flowers.
  • Be honest with your caterer. If you share that you're trying to be money conscious, they may be willing to give you tips and deals.
  • Buying a cake made with different flavoured tiers will save you money, since you may not need a dessert table.

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