Motorcycle Buying Guide

Motorcycle riders  have a community all their own. Whether you're looking to take a long trip, compete in a dirt bike competition , or just  ride around the neighbourhood, check out our motorcycle  guide below that has everything you need to be cruising in style.

Motorcycle Types


Cruiser Motorcycles : Similar to the Chopper Motorcycle , both of these models have low seats and are designed to show off.

Dirt Bikes : A type of off-road bike equipped for racing. Enduro bikes  and Supermoto bikes  are similar models that also have off road capability.

Naked Bikes : Known as a "street bike ," these are specifically designed for performance.

Sports Motorcycles : These are light bikes that are built to go fast. They require serious handling and are good for experienced riders.

Touring Motorcycles : Designed to handle long rides and provide many features for the rider, such as spaces to keep luggage .Sport-touring motorcycles  are a similar model.

Motorcycle Models

Street Riding 


Off-Road Riding 

Dual-Sport Riding 


Motorcycle Gear

Once you have your bike and are ready to ride, make sure you have the proper gear .

Motorcycle Helmet 

Ear Plugs 

Leather Jacket 

Motorcycle Gloves 

Motorcycle Boots 

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