Movie Editing Software Buying Guide

Make editing your movies just as much fun as shooting them!  With many different kinds of movie editing software  available, you are bound to find a program full of features to help you touch up your videos before showcasing them to an audience.

Top Picks

CyberLink Power Director 7 

With excellent across-the-board functionality and usability, this program was the top choice in the consumer editing field. 

Pros:  It can share titles, DVD templates, and objects over the Internet and has great capture and trimming tools. With very good corrective effects, performance, and multi-core CPU utilization, it also has a lot of artistic effects to offer.  You can search, input, and use Flickr images as well as create Blu-Ray discs .

Cons:  This program has not been reading certain Panasonic camcorders , so users be wary.  Other than that, it receives very little complaints!


Corel Video Studio Pro X2 

This is a very good consumer-level video editor, and it's an especially fine choice for users with less powerful PCs who want to edit HD video .

Pros:  This program has very good capture and trimming features with a good range of output options.  It also offers one-button YouTube uploads and creative slide-show effects.  You will also have excellent drawing tools and innovative menu templates to choose from.     

Cons: It is said to have confusing project-selection parameters and an awkward interface.  It is not the best program for noise reduction and the audio mixer is only moderate in quality. 

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Version 12 

This program is very easy to use, which makes it perfect for beginners.  It has a simple interface and bold new special effects features, making it an all-around favourite. 

Pros:  Its editing functions are very easy to navigate, saving you a lot of time.  With a wide range of great special effects along with artistic effects, this program also comes with good audio-related features as well.  

Cons:  This program only has two video tracks, which many users find limiting.  The DVD menu templates are sub-par and using the third-party plug-in requires users to first master a seemingly complicated interface.

Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 

This is a great choice for those who like to take significant time to master a product.  If you value ease of use, this may not be the right program for you. 

Pros:  This program has an excellent chroma-key function and a very good audio editor.  It has powerful SD authoring capabilities and also features a one-button YouTube upload. 

Cons:  It can be complicated and difficult for the average user.  This program does not have the capabilities to create Blu-Ray menus and has no backlight correction or motion stabilisation. 

Magix Movie Edit Pro 11 

If you are looking to push the creative envelope and have a lot of patience, then this may be the perfect program for you.  Ultimately, you are in control of making everything work.

Pros:  This editor has a great range of effects and processes very quickly.  It also offers 3D text, which is unique and fun for a lot of users. 

Cons:   The interface needs a lot of work and it can seem overwhelming and complicated.  It also has different transition lengths, which can also make audio and video seem out of sync.

Adobe Première Elements 4 

This product is a good, solid choice for users of all levels, as it is easy to navigate and rich in features.

Pros:  This program has new creative effects and filters, making it a top pick everywhere.  It also features quality image stabilisation, a good audio mixer, and a YouTube output.  

Cons:  Users are disappointed to find that there is no AVCHD  support and no support for HD formats burned to DVD-R discs .  There is also no time-code-based scene detection for HDV capture .  

Roxio Creator 2009 

This program features a wealth of tools for mixing, authoring, and burning videos and music.  With plenty of frills, it is very easy and convenient to find all tools in one easily accessible spot.  

Pros:  It offers a one-stop-shop for all types of media creation and burning.  The program also accepts AVCHD camcorder  movies and burns Blu-Ray discs  and high definition AVCHD  onto DVDs. 

Cons:  Except for the main welcome screen, the interface looks long and can be overwhelming.  It also burns and rips CDs much slower than the competition.    

Apple Final Cut Studio 2 

This program was launched with the hope of pleasing a wide audience, from Hollywood producers to home movie buffs, and it comes through.  This complete and polished editing package will serve any user well.

Pros:  It has a very deep and comprehensive set of features and has great integration of the critical components.  You will also notice strong AVCHD support, excellent motion stabilisation, colour grading, and multi-track audio editing. 

Cons:  This program lacks Blu-Ray support and is compatible only to Macs , leaving PC users  unable to reap the benefits. 

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