Nail Files Buying Guide

The nail file  is designed to grind down and shape the edges of your nails smoothly. They provide gentle nail treatment by smoothening rough edges as well as eliminating the risk of spreading nail infections.

How to Choose

  • If your nail file has more grit, the texture of the file is finer and so then it provides less abrasion on your nail. Nail files with higher grit  are ideal for delicate nails.
  • Nail files with low grit  will be the most abrasive when compared to other nail files. Nail files with lower grit are perfect for use on tough overlays and never on natural nails.
  • Emery boards  come with two to four different surfaces is deal to treat artificial and natural nails.
  • Natural nails need a finer grit than artificial nails , which are tougher than your own.


If you prefer to buy a nail file separately instead of a complete manicure kit , then pick from one of these:

  • Emery Board Nail File : It is less abrasive than metal files  and may take longer to file down your nails. They are comparatively less expensive, and hence, are recommended to be disposed after use on a single person, thereby preventing the transmission of nail diseases.
  • Electric Nail File : It is used for backfills and is ideal for reaching hard-to-reach areas such as cuticle area and underside of nails. They possess speed control for enhanced precision.
  • Ceramic Nail File : It is designed for those who are allergic to metal. It has two different sides – a rough side and a smooth side and is made from high quality ceramic thereby ensuring longevity and durability.
  • Crystal Nail File : Natural hardness of crystal never wears off the filing surface. Fragility is completely minimised with the use of these nail files as the body of the file is quite hardened.

Other Accessories

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Tweezerman Pedro Ceramic Pocket Nail File :

This unique portable tool is perfect for carrying around everywhere!

Jewelled Nail File :

Use these pretty nail files to shape your nails!

Rio Electric Nail File :

This corded nail file has variable speed options.

Quick Picks

Emery Board - 10 Piece Set :

These disposable boards are ideal for superior performance.

Blush Cosmetics Crystal Nail File :

This is a tough hand cut glass crystal file.

Elegant Touch Pink Crystal Glass Nail File :

This effective file comes with a smooth finish pouch!

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