Nail and Cuticle Products Buying Guide

So you don't feel like paying for a manicure? No problem. A do it yourself job at home is easy and affordable. Here's all that you will need:

Nail Clippers  are generally for removing length from the nails. Be careful with these!

A Nail File  or Emery Board  is used to shape the nails and remove sharp edges. A metal emory board is very durable, while a thick file is great but won't last forever. Choose the one that you like best. 

Apply Cuticle Cream  to your cuticles before you remove them. This will help soften the cuticles, making them easier to manage. Soak the cuticles after applying the cream for the easiest removal.

Cuticle Pusher:  After you soak, use a round, angled, or pointed pusher to push the cuticles back-whatever you are most comfortable with. Trim hangnails away with a clipper if needed.

Nail Buffer : Buffing your nails will create a nice smooth surface for you to polish on. A buffer smooths away rough surfaces leaving you nails shiny and pretty.

Almond Oil  or Solar Oil  will nourish your nails and cuticles. A little dab is all you need.

Hand Cream : Right before applying your polish, moisturize your hands with a good hand cream. You need pretty hands to go along with your newly pretty nails.

Nail Polish:  The final and most important touch! Clear polish is find for everyone, but if you want to express yourself, paint on whatever color you'd like! 

Award Winning Products

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