Do you have a long, graceful neck that could be described as gazelle-like? Or perhaps a shorter neck that's perfectly suited to your shoulders and face? This area is a hard part of the body to dress, and your look will depend largely on your hair style, the line of your shirt, your other accessories , and of course, the shape of your neck. Fortunately, adornments break down into two very simple categories: necklaces and scarves.

Necklace Designs

The necklace is the first thing that comes to mind in discussions of neckwear; they're wardrobe staples, with designs that can add to any look and appeal to any sense of personal style. No matter what your dress sense, there's a necklace  out there for you, waiting to add the perfect touch to your style .

One important factor when it comes to these accessories is length:

  • Chokers : These sit high on your neck, say from 35 to 60 cm, and are best for long necks and low collars.
  • Opera necklace : These are 75 to 90 cm long and sit at the breastbone. They suit most faces and styles, depending on the details; pearls aren't so great with a t-shirt.  
  • Princess necklaces : Typically 45 to 50 cm long, these are not as tight as the choker. They are of medium length and can complement virtually any ensemble.
  • Sautoir  or Rope necklaces : Longer than the opera length, these add elegance to your neckline, and are a surprisingly good fit for high necklines.

And that's just dealing with strand length! The look of an opera necklace changes when it's composed of a heavy chain  instead of pearls. Charms and pendants  also have different effects, from sophisticated to cute and sweet. Material and arrangement can really change the feel of your outfit: consider the bib necklace , which has a short but ornate arrangement of pearls, versus the simpler arrangement of pearls in a uniform necklace . Basically, it doesn't hurt to have a few different of these baubles hanging around.

As with scarves, you may also want to consider draping  and layering. Longer styles can be worn around the neck in multiple layers , which can add texture while making a long necklace less bothersome -- long strings of anything tend to get in the way. With this look, you can add sparkle to very simple styles . That said, outfits that already have a great deal  of embellishment  don't need the extra detail, so accessorise sparingly. Remember, short or ornate pieces go better with an up-do.


The only thing required to pull off a scarf is attitude! A diagonal fold  that forms a triangle helps create a very rugged ,Western style  that contrasts well with frillier items . This fold , known as the desert fold, is good for most faces and hairdos. Scarves can also be knotted loosely or worn as cravats : this often suits a narrower face. You could also skip the knot altogether and go for some very loose draping, with a long scarf  wrapped once or twice around the neck. Remember to keep the fabric seasonally appropriate; it's not so much about looking foolish as it about comfort.

Quick Picks

Oi! Carnelian And Fresh Water Pearl Handstrung Silk Necklace 

A Carnelian necklace with alternating pearls on a silk string.

Dew Sterling Silver Ladies' Daisy Necklace on Mint Green Thong 

A sweet flower pendant that's surprisingly detailed.

Code Red Leather Necklet 

Simple and kind of killer, this leather necklet is the perfect touch for any outfit.

Joe Browns Butterfly Scarf 

This delicate scarf is 100% polyester and has a subtle butterfly motif.

Desert Scarf 

A warm and stylish addition to any wardrobe.

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