Fragrances 2006

For Women

Fresh Scents

'''Acqua di Parma. '''Trouble. Less seductive, but just as sexy, this is a great feminine spring fragrance. KenzoAmour''' Woody but soft, this is very much a comfort scent with lots of sweet dessert smells to it. Cherry, vanilla, rice, and even what smells like cocoa give this a sensuous, yet warm touch that is ideal for chilly winter weekends. '''Versace Man Eau Fraiche'''

Late Summer '06

Take the chance now to enjoy light, crisp fragrances throughout the dog days of summer before fall rolls around and the leaves start to change. To see more of where this comes from, check out Now Smell This and the Fragrance Foundation FiFi. Both sites have lists of upcoming fragrances to be released both in 2006 and 2007.

For Women

'''Amarige Mariage by Givenchy''': This is a lovely light fragrance, sparkly and bubbly with a nice balance of florals such as bergamot, magnolia, and jasmine, infused with citrus and fruit. Cinnamon, sandalwood, and patchouli offer a smooth, yet spicy contrast, making this a perfect anytime perfume. Could be one to avoid if you are not fond of patchouli as it is undoubtedly a large presence in this perfume. ! '''Dolly Girl, it's less flirty and more sophisticated, but still very feminine. The top notes are fruity with a touch of citrus, peach, and apple, and mandarin . Simple freesia and rose balance out the exotic fruits and the finish is a lingering blend of wood, musk, and amber. '''Betsey Johnson Parfum''': Spunky tangerine, pear, and grapefruit are blended with sweet freesia and lily of the valley. The touch of sandalwood and amber round it out nicely. Does it fit the personality of this notoriously unique designer? It's just about what you'd expect from this creative muse, bubbling over with energy and charisma. It all about being girly. ''''''Clinique Happy in Bloom''': Plums, muguet, and freesia dominate. '''Dolce & Gabbana The Light Blue''': If you haven't smelled this one yet you might want to run and test it out before summer is over. It is perfect for hot summer nights, fresh, citrusy, bold, and barely sweet. Perfect for a sporty gal with a lively personality. '''Dolce & Gabbana The One''': Jasmine is the one is this fragrance. However, mandarin and peach paired with vanilla and amber make for a balanced but sweet scent. '''Guerlain Insolence EDT''': This is a slightly confused scent as it is trying to be womanly and seductive but instead it comes off as young and girly because of the strong fruty notes of cough syrup like sweet red berries swathed in powdery violet and iris. Other notes include tonka bean, sandalwood, and white musk. The bottom line is that it is probably better for a younger woman. Guess Perfume for Women, but in gold! Guess Gold has top notes of citrus, apple, pineapple and pink pepper combined with a floral heart consisting of hyacinth, jasmine, water lily and rose. The dry down is based on sandalwood, sweeet amber, and vanilla musk. Go to to purchase it '''Nanette Lepore Shanghai Butterfly''': Similar to Dolce and Gabbana's Light Blue, but softer and more delicate. The middle notes of rose, gardenia, and jasmine cut the fruity citrus down and make it more floral, more feminine. While quite girly, it still remains sophisticated, and has a sense of allure to it. '''Philosophy the Fragrance''': This light, refreshing scent by Philosophy is perfect for the hot days of summer. The major notes are fresh and citrusy, making it ideal for an everyday comfort scent. Keep in mind that it is a unisex fragrance. ! '''Prada Tendre''': As beautiful and classy as the first, but just a touch more delicate. Major notes include patchouli, plum, verbena, sandalwood, and vetiver. Chypre Rouge, a new unisex scent by Serge Lutens, which chypre lovers have been patiently waiting for but dying to try, has finally been released in the EU. It has been called striking and even enthralling. It evokes the feeling of being in a dark forest with notes such as pine, oakmoss, musk, patchouli, and amber. Sweet honey, honeysuckle, vanilla, and jasmine give it a caramelized sweetness that softens, warms, and smooths out the heavy chypre notes. Finally, there is a touch of spice to give it a zing. Read this review at Bois de Jasmin to get the full effect of this sensuous and exotic fragrance. Blogdorf Goodman, the word is that it's worth the wait. ! '''Yves Saint Laurent Cinema Festival d'Ete''': Bold and feminine. Almond, amber, musk, and amaryllis are the major notes in this fragrance, while the citrus top notes are barely noticeable. This is a lovely combination of rich undertones and subtle sweetness. Perfect for a summer night.

For Men

'''Boss Selection''': Spicy, fresh, and fruity. Mandarin, grapefruit, and red fruit top notes are rounded out with spice, slightly woody, and vetiver. '''Cacharel Amor Pour Homme''': Remember Amor Amor? Cacharel has just launched the men's version. '''Davidoff Cool Water Graffiti''': This limited edition Cool Water is a tribute to surfers and graffiti artists everywhere. There's no question that this summery scent is a direct take from the original Cool Water; citrusy, yet light, manly, yet not overly musky. '''Guess Man''': A perfect summer scent that is fruity, but refreshing and not at all sweet. Spicy nutmeg and ginger leng themselves perfectly to the underwoods, blue fir, balsamwood, sandalwood, and musk. '''NowSmellThis): wormwood, bergamot, cardamom, lavender, orange blossom, cinnamon, cumin, wood, musk, amber, and vanilla. John Varvatos Vintage eau de toilette cologne is the second of the fragrances by Varvatos and is based off the designer's clothing collection. It is a classy yet rugged chypre fragrance that is as refined and elegant as it is unique. The notes are exotic, starting with fresh greens and crisp florals. Oakmoss, patchouli, and fir give it its warmth. Rare woods, tonka bean, tobacco, and leather give it a smooth dry down. This fragrance will whisk you to a far away land.

Spring '06

It is soon to be spring, and what a wonderful time for bringing in the new new fragrances that is! There are several sparklers that have begun hitting the shelves throughout the end of '05 and the start of '06. Surely with all these new scents released by the most popular designers, there is something to suit your every whim.

For Women

'''Allure Sensuelle, Chanel''': The second Allure fragrance by Chanel is less sharp than the original oriental fragrance, bordering on the sweet side with aromas of red berries and flowers. It is not as sophisticated as the original, but it is still spicy and has good staying power. '''Burberry London, Burberry''': Reminiscent of a spring weekend in the metropolitan heart of London, this fragrance is a typical floral. Not too sweet notes of jasmine, peony, and honeysuckle compliment the oriental sandalwood and patchouli base. It's relaxed, yet sophisticated and modern. ! '''Fantasy, Britney Spears''': Her second fragrance is as colorful as Curious and perfectly suited for younger tastes. It is fun and floral with notes of lychee and orchid. The pink bottle with rhinestones screams fun and feminine. The solid perfume compact is a great addition to the line and would make an excellent gift. '''Sinful Scents, Gendarme''': Sloth, Greed, Lust... They are well crafted and perfectly packaged. These scents come in purse size tubes for easy portability and will suit your every mood. Excess smells like chocolate and amber, Greed like crisp new bills, Lust like a weekend fling on the beach, and Rage like crushed bouquets and burned love notes. ! '''Incanto Charms, Ferragamo''': A beautiful, but busy, colorful bottle houses this extremely floral, sweet scent that highlights honeysuckle, passion fruit and jasmine. Definitely feminine, wonderfully springtime. ! '''Miss Dior Cherie, Christian Dior''': A flirty, light, and sweet perfume with a truly girly attitude. A perfect weekend in the city perfume when you just want to hang with the girls, shop, and do lunch. '''My Queen, Alexander McQueen''': The woman who wears this must love florals, as it is a blend of violets, heliotrope, and iris. Almond and vanilla add to the sweetness of this slightly oriental, but mostly floral fragrance. ! '''Prada''': Prada exudes luxuriousness and elegance, but somehow remains soft and sexy at the same time thanks to complex base notes and sweet top notes. While typically oriental to start, spicy patchouli, sandalwood, and warm amber, with hints of vanilla, bitter orange, and sweet mimosa, make it an update fusion where classic meets trendsetter. '''Un Jardin Sur Nile, Hermes''': A light, crisp perfume for spring and summer that highlights citrus, floral, and woody notes is fresh and clean. It's easy to wear and perfectly compliments any spring frock. A Basenotes 2006 award winner. ! '''V Absolu, Valentino''': This is an exotic oriental floral that is elegant and sexy. It speaks luxury and intensity with citrus notes such as mandarin and grapefruit, cedar, soft vanilla, and rose. '''Valentino V Ete''': Notes of bamboo, lychee, violet, jasmine, geranium, peony, rose, cedar, sandalwood, gaiac wood, amber, musk and patchouli. !

For Men

'''Acqua pour Homme, Bvlgari''': Bvlgari never fails to be elegant and sophisticated, but this new water scent is also fresh and summery. Perfectly masculine, slightly sporty, and an excellent choice for wearing on the weekends. It is also a 2006 FiFi awards finalist for the best luxury men's scent. '''Apparition Homme, Emanuel Ungaro''': A simple yet classy bottle with red accents speak well for this nicely constructed cologne. It's woody, mossy, and spicy, but not very strong. Perfect for the sensitive guy. Licorice, mandarin, and vetiver stand out. ! '''Baldessarini del Mar, Hugo Boss''': Released in 2005, Hugo Boss won't let you down with this woody scent that has classic notes of amber and vetiver. It is refined, peppery, and has fresh green notes and citrus. Still it remains young and sporty like the other Hugo fragrances. Will it become a classic? It has a good chance of staying around, especially with a nomination for best new fragrance by Basenotes and FiFi. Get this for summer for a perfect day wear cologne. Hamptons. This has New York trends and fashion all over it. Bleecker's bottle is fierce and hip, and in fact, it's unisex. Very fresh and woody with oriental base notes, spicy middle notes, and fruity floral top notes. Cinnamon, vanilla, cedar and jasmine stand out, but overall it is balanced. For a more floral marine and citrus scent (lime), that reminds you of the beach, try Hamptons. It's crisp, fresh, and perfect for spring and summer. Both scents have been nominated for FiFi awards. ! '''Dior Homme, Christian Dior''': Lavender, sage, and vetiver are some of the major notes in this scent nominated for fragrance of the year by FiFi. It is slightly powdery and floral, possibly too sweet for the manly man. In fact, it's almost edible at times, with hints of cocoa and caramel. Patchouli and amber carry the scent along an oriental trail, making it rich to start and elegant for the follow through. It could stand a bit more leather to make it less sweet. ! '''Gaultier², Jean Paul Gaultier''': This unisex scent is simple and light, however, very warm and sweet, making it a bit too feminine for most men. The nearly edible quality has been more of a turn off than a turn on for the majority. ! '''Miel de Bois, Serge Lutens''': Woody, aromatic, and oriental is what comes to mind with this scent. Miel de Bois is a perfect name, hinting at the honey notes, which aren't too sweet, but are rather light contrasted by slight musk and cedar. ! '''Very Irresistible for Men, Givenchy''': Seductive, green, and woody. It's reminiscent of fresh cut grass, mint, cedar, and mocha. Unfortunately, this scent is lacking in creativity and innovation, which is a major let down for many Givenchy devotees. Irresistible? Perhaps not for those who shy away from sweeter scents.