New Year's Eve Buying Guide

Whether you're celebrating in a boat out on the Thames  or partying in your flat, New Year's Eve  is always a fun celebration complete with champagne  and mates or family. Stock up on supplies so that you can either throw a great bash or bring gifts to someone else's party. Don't forget to make your resolutions (and keep them!), and then review some of the essentials below and so that you're ready to ring in New Year's the right way!


What's a party without some adornment? Whether it's a quiet dinner at home or a huge celebration, you will want to have these things handy.


If your party has a colour theme, pick up some balloons to match it; otherwise New Year's balloons will do just fine.


Sprinkle confetti across tablecloths or put some in party favours and invitations  for an extra sparkle.

Happy New Year Banner 

A banner is an essential accessory for the holiday, and they come in all different kinds of colours for your preference.


Along with the banner and streamers, danglers will add some cheer to your party! They come in various colours.


White or coloured Christmas lights can add lots of fun to a party, so string them up!


Now that the room is properly decorated, the next step is the table. Whether you're planning to present the food on one table or multiple tables, make sure the plates are decorated and eye catching.

Snack Bowls 

There are lots of ways to get creative with these; buy some in varying colours or with different shapes.


Use plates in bright colours and bold patterns that will take dinner from dull to daring.


If your party is more formal, then it's okay to use one of your better, more delicate tablecloths. If it's going to be a large, messy party, consider plastic tablecloths  or machine washable fabric.


You can't serve champagne at midnight without the right glasses! From sparkling wine to cocktails, make sure you have enough glasses for any type of beverage.

Food and Drink

Now that your party is set, what do you serve? See some suggestions below.


You need some delightful snacks if you want your party to be any kind of success.




When you buy alcoholic beverages, make sure you also pick up a few mixers.


While appetizers and cheese plates are all well and good, a few sweets never hurt anybody, except for the occasional tooth.

Party Favours

No party is complete without a slew of useless party favours. Without them, how do you expect to get those embarrassing photos of your friends? As stupid as these trinkets appear, a party feels incomplete when the guests don't receive silly toys. You don't want to kill the collective morale, do you?

Hats  and Tiaras 

How many New Year's Eve parties have you attended where they don't have some silly hat to wear? Exactly. Top hats and tiaras are the most common. They also go well with goofy new years' masks .


When the clock strikes midnight you need something to make noise with! Be as loud as you want.

Party Poppers 

These little favours are just plain fun to play with. When you pull the string, it releases streamers and sometimes even confetti.


These are commonplace for island themed parties but they work for New Years' too. This is especially true if you're hosting your party on a boat of some sort. 

Theme Parties

Have all the supplies? If you're not satisfied having the traditional "New Year" party theme, you can try a few suggestions below. They are popular enough that you can find decorations for each one and get lots of party planning ideas.

Hollywood Night 

Think lots of glitz and glamour--decorate in gold and silver. Everyone can dress up as their favourite star and you can roll out a red carpet  for the event! Set up an area for your friends to take photos so it feels like an official entourage event.

Casino Night 

A poker table ,red and black decorations , and personalised casino chips  are just some of the fun items you can use to decorate this party.

Costume Party 

Pick a decade like the 20's ,50's  or 80's  and have your guests come wearing costumes from that era. Make sure the music you play also comes from the decade. For the 20's you can serve highballs in place of the champagne.

Luau Party 

Turn up the heat in the wintertime! It may be a little cold to dress appropriately for this party, but you can create a summer theme using heat lamps ,plastic palm trees , and flower leis . Fruity drinks are a must for this theme. Baybreeze, anyone?

Breakfast Bash

Don't forget about planning out that superb New Year's Day brunch!


Waffles  and pancakes  (cook up the batter the night before if you think you will be too tired in the morning) with some fruit  thrown in are always a delicious option. Eggs  cooked up in any preferred style are also a satisfying choice.


Think cocktails that will cure that morning hangover, such as a bloody mary  or mimosa. Coffee  and tea  are also good wake-up remedies. You may need something as strong as English Breakfast  or Irish Breakfast  tea to recover from a night full of drinking.


Don't forget about breakfast meats like pork , sausage, and bacon ! Also, scones, croissants  ,and pastries  are an extra treat to have on the side of your breakfast.

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