Nintendo 64 Buying Guide

Revisiting the days of 64-bit polygons is not a luxury all of us have at our fingertips. Most of our old Nintendo 64s have either been tossed in the bin for the quickly evolving PlayStation or Sega/XBox lines, or have been left to be forgotten in the furthest reaches of the closet. For those who have tossed or sold their N64s and desperately regret that decision, however, there is still hope.

For the true "Nintendian", the five years of Mario sports games (Golf ,Tennis ,Kart ) and ground-breaking epic RPGs (Mario World ,All Stars ,Banjo-Kazooie ), the revolutionary first person shooters Goldeneye  and Perfect Dark , and the genre-bending crossover game Super Smash Brothers , all hold a special place in many hearts. Though the graphics of modern game consoles have obviously improved, for many, there was no better time in gaming history than the N64 era.

Production of Nintendo 64 ended in 2002, so you will most likely be buying used consoles. It is important to read reviews of the person from whom you are buying to ensure they do not have a history of selling poor quality products. The console is nothing without the several controllers  for group game-play (try getting different colours), rumble packs ,memory packs , and plenty of games, so try negotiating a package deal when contacting a retailer.

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