Nursery Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights effectively light up the atmosphere in a nursery and provide a healthy ambience for the baby to play, eat, sleep and grow. They are a visual treat for the baby and a necessity for mothers.  

Types of Nursery Lighting

  • Lighting up the ambience: The entire atmosphere in the nursery is lighted up using ambient ceiling lights. There are several possible light types that can be used for ambient lighting. Mini chandeliers and nursery chandeliers give a look of grandeur. Ceiling medallions highlight the ambience and design of the room. 
  • Lighting for specific tasks: When you need to light up a specific area in the nursery for tasks like feeding your child or changing the baby’s diaper you need an area light. Hanging nursery lamps are functional and artistic and just right for the task.  
  • Nursery Night lighting: Night lighting is a necessity for keeping a watch on your children when they are asleep. Dimmer lights that automatically switch off in the morning are in vogue. Ceiling lights with a dimmer give a soft and dim glow and are available in themes that babies adore. Animals, butterflies, stars and cartoon characters are common themes in dimmers.  

Features to Look For in Nursery Lights

  • Some nursery night lights have moving patterns and designs appear on the ceiling with a music function. 
  • Some lights have movement sensors and alarm system that awaken you when the baby stirs or moves away. 
  • Select fluorescent bulbs or LED lights as they do not heat up and are also energy saving. 

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

SKY Children’s Ceiling Light :

 The attractive ceiling light has a sky like design with a wooden airplane attached to it.  

Philips Kico Meria Butterfly Ceiling Light :

The Lights made from wood in bright colours contain butterfly designs. 

Boys Nursery Ceiling Light Pendant :

 The pendant ceiling light brilliantly lights up the nursery and can easily replace existing lights.  

Quick Picks

FAIRY Children’s Ceiling Light :

 The fairytale ceiling light acts as a perfect centerpiece in your baby girl’s nursery.  

IRIDIA Children’s Ceiling Light :

Made of wood and painted in bright colours they feature butterfly and flower designs.  

Man in the Moon Nursery Ceiling Light :

The pendant ceiling light is a fun feature in your child’s room.  

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