Nursery Decoration Buying Guide

What better way to shower your baby with love than to decorate the little one’s room. You can choose between a range of baby nursery wall decors such as wall papers, borders, ribbons and murals to create a stunning customised room. 


  • Cribs have to be the focal point while starting with the decoration because you have got to select the theme.
  • The rest of the decor items such as curtains, ceiling fans, baby alarm clocks, lighting and lamp shades should be styled to match the theme.
  • Various other accessories that can add the splash of colour to your baby’s nursery such as baby handprint frames, baby nursery rugs, decorative baskets, photo frames, toy boxes and shelves.

Popular Themes

  • Animal Theme: Painting paw prints on the wall or on the accessories of the nursery items will be fun. Kids can relate to dogs, fish, birds or cats.
  • Dominoes Theme: This theme proves to be visually stimulating especially when white and black polka dots are used.
  • Farm Theme: If you want to create a country living theme for your kid, you might have to include tractors, barn, hay and other farm animals.
  • Jungle Theme:This theme comprises of all wild animals, fauna and flora.
  • Baby Girl’s favourites: The themes that are popular among the girls are the mermaid, fairies, princess, butterflies, flowers and Barbie.
  • Baby Boy’s favourites: Boys love pirates, cars, planets, aeroplanes and farmyard themes.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Nursery Name Frame :

This product will let your child learn how to write their own first name as quickly as possible.

Girl's Canvas Picture Sets :

These high quality pictures are lightweight, making them perfect for displaying in children's rooms and nurseries.

Butterfly Picture Frame :

A beautiful picturehighlight-words framehighlight-words decorated with colourful butterflies with black velvet makes for an ideal gift.

Quick Picks

Fun to See Mini Wall Art Stickers :

These adorable designs are the simplest way to simply add a tasteful touch of colour and fun to your baby’s nursery.

Ficklestix Dotty Nursery Wall Stickers :

This wall sticker will serve as a playground for the child’s mind that will allow him to unleash his imagination run wild.

Disney Fairies Giant Wall Stickers :

Bring life to your cute baby’s room with these stick and peel room decorations! 

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