Paper Buying Guide

Paper is being used in offices for office communication and for printing and copying. The dependence on wood pulp for paper is high and so paper should be used prudently and should be recycled and used.

Types of Paper

  • Multi Purpose Paper: Proofs and drafts, emails, office correspondence and everyday copying and printing efforts are fulfilled by multipurpose paper that is available in A4, A5 and other sizes. Paper weight of 16-20 lbs is good enough for regular usage. Make sure the paper is low in smoothness and ranges between 170 and 160.
  • Laser Printer paper: The paper is especially used in laser printers and has a considerable 22 to 32 lbs weight. The smoother the laser printer paper the better.
  • Inkjet printer paper: The inkjet printer paper allows for printing without discolouration. Colour printing can be done on both sides. The matte coated ones offer radiant colours whereas the gloss coated paper stands out due to its shimmer.  
  • Colour Copier Paper: They have a weight of 28 lbs and are extra smooth with the value of more than 40. They help in colour copying jobs made in-house.
  • Recycled Paper: Recycled paper is acid free and free from chlorine bleach. They are produced by recycling of used sheets of paper.  
  • Security Paper: Security paper can be used in confidential reports and files that have to be held secretive. They utilize security features that prevent information theft.

Paper Metrics

  • Smoothness reflects on how sharp and clear the content is on paper. Higher the smoothness, higher is the sharpness. As the smoothness goes down the paper is smooth to touch.
  • Weight of the paper is the weight of 500 sheets of paper. Higher the weight, more substantial is the paper.
  • Post consumer fibre is the percentage of used paper in the recycled paper.  

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

HP Home & Office Paper A4 :

The versatile A4 paper is smooth 80 gsm paper that can be used for small offices and homes.

Rey, Office Document Paper A5 :

The multipurpose paper is wood free and is useful for office communication.

Canon Bright A4 White Recycled Paper :

The recycled paper is made of used paper and is well suited for all office correspondence, reports and presentations.

Quick Picks

photo paper designed for laser printers :

The laser printer paper is photo quality and looks like a real photo print.

A4 Glossy photo inkjet printer paper :

The 100 sheets of A4 size are glossy options for photo inkjet printers.

Color Copy Copier Paper Premium Super Smooth :

Useful for colour printers and copiers they are high quality smooth papers.

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