Pens and Pencils Buying Guide

Always have at least a minimum number or pens and pencils at home or office, for they will come in handy for mapping, plotting, rough sketches, planning and so on. 

Types of pens and Pencils

Pens: Pens either have tips or nibs for dispersing ink and the ink can be liquid or gel and placed in cartridges or even in ballpoint refills. Fountain pens provide for fine writing with a smooth flow of ink through nibs. Micro tip and felt tipped pens are fine tipped and have ink cartridges. Ball point pens are commonly used for office work and are powered by refills that can be replaced.   

Pencils: Pencil tips that pigment the paper and create lines when written are made of a mixture of graphite and clay set in wood. These pencils vary as soft and hard pencils. Soft pencils are denoted by the alphabet B and hard pencils are denoted by the alphabet H and the letters are preceded by numbers denoting the strength of hardness or softness. Coloured pencils are sometimes used for marking plans and layout diagrams, so have them ready in your office. 

Popular Brands for Pens

  • Aurora
  • Carandache
  • Cartier
  • Krone
  • Waterman
  • Montblanc 

Popular Brands of Pencils

  • Derwent
  • Faber Castell
  • Lyra
  • Staedtler

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Cross Apogee Ballpoint Pen :

The ballpoint pen is made of hand polished lacquer with chrome accents.  

Prelude Chrome Pen Set :

These pens can smoothly write across pages and make great gifts.    

Parker Urban Fish Black Ballpoint Pen :

You can now add style and definition to your writing with this parker pen.    

Quick Picks

Staples HB Pencils :

These HB pencils are lightweight and have a fine point.     

Staedtler Traditional pencil HB 110 :

These pencils from the well known brand give you a fine handwriting.    

HB Pencils with Rubbers :

These pencils have erasers attached to them for erasing out errors in writing.

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