Rubber Bands Buying Guide

Types of Rubber Bands

Rubber bands are normally created from materials like natural rubber, silicone compounds, EPD and synthetic polyisoprene.  They are available in various forms and sizes.  Some of the common and popular types are listed below.   

  • Standard Rubber Bands are mainly used for general needs and purposes like for holding office supplies, for holding plastic piece of wrap on a bowl, for separating paper stacks and so on.  These types of rubber bands are normally available in different thicknesses, colours and sizes.  The smaller types might be used for wrapping around toothbrushes while the larger types for wrapping around bigger bowls.
  • Produce Rubber Bands are mainly used for holding bigger produce bunches together like asparagus, broccoli and celery.  These types are flat when compared to the standard types but with less elasticity.  These types are not intended to be used again. They can be customized by colour and size. 
  • Latex-free Rubber Bands are created for people having latex allergies.  They are also known as synthetic bands as they do not have natural rubber in them.  They offer very good stretch and strength.  They are used in laboratory, educational and medical settings.
  • Industrial Rubber Bands are thick and large that they are appropriate for big industrial jobs. The rubber material is of a heavy duty nature that they can stretch twice or thrice more than their normal length.  They can be manufactured according to customer’s or client’s requirements in various sizes.
  • High Temperature Rubber Bands are specially created to withstand UV rays and heat as normal rubber bands might become loose or break when exposed to hot sun.
  • Other types include ozone-resistant rubber bands, clear rubber bands, custom colour rubber bands, cloth covered elastics and custom printed rubber bands.  The coloured and printed rubber bands are most often used as promotional items.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Laufer Rondella Rubber Band Ball of Bands Natural Rubber :

The rubber band ball consists of 200 rubber bands that are made of natural rubber. 

Safety Rubber Band for Tarpaulins :

The specialised rubber band is used for fastening canvas covers.  

Essential Rubber Bands Neutral :

The 250 grams pack of rubber bands is available in assorted sizes. 

Quick Picks

Office Depot Rubber Bands :

The rubber bands from Office Depot are strong and do not break and they are made of natural rubber. 

Pyramid Rubber band pack :

The pack consists of 5 rubber bands of 80mm each. 

Initiative Rubber Band Size :

The rubber bands are available for trouble free usage time after

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