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The beauty of PSP  games is that you get the opportunity to play most of your favourite Playstation  games while in the post office, getting a pedicure, or waiting at the doctor's office. Though the system doesn't have too many exclusive games, they have plenty of Playstation classics and best sellers that look mighty fine on that LCD screen. We've chosen some of the most popular PSP games on the market. Whether you are looking for a gore-filled fighting game or a quirky adventure game, there is surely a PSP game that'll match your likes perfectly.

Quick Picks



Fans of the adventurous Jak franchise should enjoy this spinoff, in which eternal sidekick Daxter gets to branch out and go off on a quest of his own.

Tekken: Dark Resurrection 

Fine-tuned mechanics make this game the definitive handheld fighting game, not to mention the most visually impressive. If you are a fighting game fan, this is a must for your collection.

God of War: Chain of Olympus 

This game comes at the top of most PSP game lists. You won't find better graphics on a handheld. It single-handedly reinvents the action genre with its tightly-wound combat and fantastic presentation.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII 

Final Fantasy fans, this one is for you. This game is different enough from other FF games and RPGs to be truly interesting, but you'll see your favourite Final Fantasy characters make cameos.


This game is one of the few that are exclusive to PSP. This is a rhythmic, real-time strategy game that'll keep you amused for hours! It's bound to be a classic. 

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories 

Fans of the GTA series can now steal cars and win turf wars on the go. Take over Liberty City as a mafioso and look good doing it.

Mega Man Powered Up 

This is similar to the original Mega Man, but with all sorts of additional features and playable end bosses. Play the game or Mega Man himself will hide under your bed at night and shoot you with a stun beam once you wake up.


Now you too can have a blob of your very own! Using only the PSP's two shoulder buttons, this cute and creative game has you guiding miniature globules through colorful stages. One of the most unique games of all time.

Me and My Katamari 

Nothing beats taking a giant ball of madness and rolling it around zany stages, enveloping myriad objects and creatures that stand in your way. 

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops 

Do you love first person shooters? This game is totally original. Creative recruitment mechanics take advantage of WiFi hot-spots, letting you draft soldiers into Naked Snake's espionage ring. Robust online play complements an intriguing single-player story.

Lumines II 

This game is like oxygen for Tetris fans. The graphics are so colorful you might actually want to eat your PSP. The special effects and awesome soundtrack makes this game an instant classic.

The Lord of the Rings: Tactics 

This game manages to stand apart from the pack by focusing on strategic planning and gamesmanship rather than all-out hacking and button-mashing. Guide the forces of light to victory over Mordor and you'll win yourself lots of happy Hobbit pals.


Those who like hectic zombie games and first person shooters will love this game. Is your greatest aspiration to save the world from the living dead? That's exactly what this game is all about.

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