Paintball Guns

Since its emergence in the early 80s, paintball has become an increasingly popular activity. As the game has become more popular, participants looking for an edge have pushed the games equipment to new levels.  paintball markers) shoot harder, more accurately, and more rapidly then ever before.

Steps to Purchasing a Gun

Lots of paintball courses will rent you a pretty good paintball marker.  But if you want to be able to play around in your back yard, provided you have the proper gear, you can buy your own paintball gun.  Here are a few things you should consider before taking the plunge. * '''Determine your budget.''' Guns can run anywhere from $100 to over $800. Certain guns also unload balls and CO2 more rapidly, which also can affect the cost of your game. * '''Ask enthusiasts''' at paintball fields and facilities what they like and dislike about their guns. Getting feedback directly from users will help you to find a gun that best suits your needs. * Decide whether you want constant air from a '''CO2 tank, or CO2 cartridges''' giving quick-change. Constant air lasts longer but is more difficult to refill on the run, where as cartridges can be stocked up on, and carried with you. * Figure out where you can get your air refilled.  A gun is no good if you can't get your canister filled up somewhere. * Decide the '''length of barrel''' you want for your gun. A longer barrel will give you more accuracy, but is more awkward to handle. * Decide the '''type of loader''' you want. While a bigger loader holds more balls it will be heavy, awkward, and could make shooting accurately more difficult.

Popular Markers

These are some of the most popular brands and guns out there.  These guns don't include the CO2 tanks and paintball hoppers.  They expect you to get one separately that fits your customized needs. If you are a beginner, try out a paintball marker package, which should include everything you need to get started


Paintball markers are generally customizable.  * You can attach a stock so that you can rest the gun on your shoulder easier.  * You could also buy a longer or shorter barrel.  Longer barrels generally shoot straighter.  * A red dot sight can show you where you are aiming with a laser pointer.  * A