Party Outfits for Women

It's Monday morning at work and you've just received a jacket that will not only keep you warm, but also will go with most anything. But one of the more important and enjoyable parts of shopping for parties is picking out the accessories, which really your look pop. They are great if you're wearing a black dress or top, and playing with fun, colorful, sophisticated, or bohemian aesthetics really helps to define your ensemble. Feeling good, looking good, and being comfortable are what it's all about, of course; pushing your boundaries is really up to you. 

Party Dress Trends

There a couple trends you'll see dominating the stores. Layered, multifaceted fabrics like tulle, chiffon, and organza are big right now, as well as Parisiandress'>Taylor Momsen for a quarter of the price?

The Perfect Clubbing Dress

You've decided that tonight you're going to unleash your inner party girl at the hottest club in town. This calls for the sexiest outfit out there, one that's favorite cami. Check out the table below for some visual suggestions:

More Dresses

  * Among the best party outfits were dresses by: ** Vera Wang ** Alexia Admor ** Nicole Miller

Completing The Party Outfit

Of course, shoes and accessories are the other equally important half of the equation. Have fun here — accessories don't always have to follow the rules. Below you'll find some classic suggestions to complement your party attire.

Less Formal Choices

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