Pathway Lighting Buying Guide

Pathways need to be brightly lit during nights to help you find your way. Pathway lighting also accents your outdoor landscapes. Pathway lights focus light on specific areas to provide a brilliantly lit pathway.    

Different Types of Pathway Lighting

  • Look for Energy Star rated lights for pathway lighting that also features daylight shut-off and motion sensors.  
  • Outdoor Wall Lights: There are a variety of outdoor wall lights available in stainless steel and glass with matt finishes. They can be used above doors, garden paths or to light up decks. These lights come in energy saving models which are eco-friendly. Some of the models also come with IR motion sensors fitted in them. 
  • Solar Powered Garden Lights: These lights are used to decorate your garden beautifully and to produce sufficient lighting. These eco-friendly lights charge themselves in sunshine and light up your garden in the evening. These lights are suitable for summer and spring. 
  • Post Lights: Post lights are traditional and very stylish. They are well suited for gardens, borders, pathways, patios and driveways. These low voltage post lights are energy efficient and economical. 
  • LED Pathway Lights: LED light kits of different colours are suitable for the outdoors. These lights are easy to install, highly weather resistant, reliable and long lasting. 
  • Deck Lights: Deck lights light up your decks, driveways or pathways. Deck lights consume very low amounts of power and are affordable. They can be surface mounted or recessed and are weather resistant. Use compact fluorescent lamps wherever possible as they are weather resistant also.    
  • Low Voltage Pathway Lights: Low voltage lights consume comparatively less electricity owing to the in-built transformer that reduces voltage consumption. They also have an automatic switch off when sunlight comes on.     

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Low Voltage Garden Post Lights Electric Lighting Set 

Add security to your pathway or your garden with these low voltage garden post lights.  

STROMA Mini Fishermans Outdoor Wall Lantern 

The outdoor fisherman lantern is very easy to install.   

BOSNA Polycarbonate Outdoor Wall Lantern 

This wall lantern is made of polycarbonate and is six-sided.  

Quick Picks

Modern Low Voltage Garden Lights 

Installation of these garden lights is done by connecting the cables at the desired location.  

Pathway Trees 

These tiny lights in the form of bushy trees will make sure that the garden or drive way is clearly lit.  

Garden or Pathway Bollard Lighting 

This bollard is just right for lighting up the garden, patio or driveway.  

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