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Though the United Kingdom has no single national holiday, there are still plenty of occasions for which you can proudly display your patriotism.  Whether you're attending a football match, showing off for the Queen's birthday, or celebrating the national days of Great Britain's constituent countries, you'll want to wear your colours with pride.  This guide will help you find fun items and apparel to proclaim to the world that you're British (or Scottish, or Welsh, or Irish) and proud of it!

Occasions to Celebrate

  • St. George's Day: St. George's Day is the English National Day, which is celebrated on 23 April. Though this feast day commemorating the country's patron saint is not celebrated as much in the UK as it is in other parts of the world, it has been gaining popularity in recent years. In 2006, BBC Radio 3 featured a devoted full programme, and there is support to make it an official public holiday. It is tradition to wear a red rose in one's lapel, and decorations made of St. George's Cross flag  are often displayed outside of pubs.
  • St. Andrew's Day: Though Burns' Night  is more widely observed, the official Scottish National Day is St. Andrew's Day on 30 November, and it is a public bank holiday. This is also a Scottish flag day, so this is a perfect occasion to fly the Saltire .
  • St. Patrick's Day: Though St. Patrick's Day now conjures images of plastic shamrocks  and green-coloured beer, there are many other ways to show that you're proud to be Irish. This Irish and North Irish national holiday on 17 March is definitely a time to wear your green and fly your tricolour flag , to take in a parade and celebrate your heritage.
  • St. David's Day: St. David's Day falls on 1 March and is the Welsh National Day. It can be commemorated with dinner, parties, concerts and recitals, and it is tradition to either wear the national flower of Wales, the daffodil , or St. David's personal symbol, the leek (though it might be easier to cook this than to wear it, on second thought...but who are we to knock tradition?).

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