Personal Care

We all (hopefully) invest in personal hygiene products, and specialty items are excellent for a pampering session at the end of a long week of working. Got questions about personal hygiene products? What's the best teeth whitener? How to stock your medicine cabinet in case of an emergency? It's all here. Simply click on the section that interests you to learn more about personal care products. Also check out '''Health and Beauty Products Onboard, '''your guide to what you can and can't take on board your flight.

Popular Corporations in Personal Care Industry

* Band-Aid-- primarily focuses on first-aid. * Clairol-- your source for hair products, including hair dye. * Global Gillette-- specialize in making razors.// * Johnson & Johnson-- a large corporation making a variety of products, including products for babies and young children. * Maybelline-- a popular make-up company. * Proctor & Gamble-- a Fortune 500 company making a huge variety of products.// * Remington Products-- this corporation makes razors, hair care products, and epilators for both men and women. * Neutrogena-- source specializing in skin care products. * Crest-- specializing in dental hygiene products. * Dove-- manufacturing skin and hair care products.

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