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Personal Care Buying Guide

We all need to invest in personal hygiene products . Whether you go for the standard or for the more high quality pampering products, this guide is designed to help you know your options and make the best choice when it comes to your own well being. If you have any questions about hygiene products, like what's the best teeth whitener  or what type of scale , you should buy, ShopWiki has got all the answers. Just click on the area that you have questions about and get started. Also, be sure to take a look at Health and Beauty Products Onboard, an online guide to what you can and can't take with you when you fly.

Everyday Care

There are tons of products that we use everyday that we simply can't live without. Use these guides to find the staples that you're looking for.

Health Monitors

Every appliance that you need to keep up with your personal health is right here.

Speciality Items

Maybe these products aren't necessities, but they definitely make us all feel great. Go ahead, pamper yourself a little!

Men's Grooming

Every man is different and has his own personal grooming preferences. That's why we have plenty of articles covering all of the products for men out there.

Women's Grooming

Ladies, you know how to take care of yourselves. But if you do need some help, look no further.

Nutritional Supplies

No matter how old you are, male  or female, everyone needs to keep up with their vitamins and minerals to be the healthiest that they can be. Nutritional supplements are so important! Take a look...


There are so many health and beauty products out there that you can never be sure if you should buy the lotion enriched with Vitamin E  or the conditioner enhanced with avocado oil . Below, some essentials that are always handy when going through your daily routine.



Make sure you pick up a brand that is made for your hair type so it will produce the results you want.


It is always helpful to use conditioner after shampooing because it moisturises and softens your hair.


When lathering up, pick a moisturising bar soap or body wash  that best suits your skin type.


Putting on lotion  or baby oil  after showering will help your skin to retain its moisture so you won't feel dried out later in the day. Moisturising  your face is also beneficial no matter what your skin type.

Face Wash 

Buying the right face wash can be a matter of trial and error. Make sure whatever you get is not too drying and can be used for your skin type. Also, always wash your face with lukewarm water, as extreme temperatures can cause broken capillaries.


Volumising Spray 

So maybe your hair looked great when you left your flat this morning, but now it's limp and lifeless. If this happens to you often, pack a some volumising spray in your bag.  This will restore body fast and you'll be glad you thought of it.

Lip Balm 

Let's face it, those chapped lips are not going to get better on their own. In addition to moistening lips, most lip balms contain SPF, which can help protect your pout from the sun's harmful rays.

Hand Lotion 

This is especially good to have on hand in those cold winter months.  It will not only provide relief for your hands but will help protect against ageing too.

Headache Relief

Looking to get rid of that afternoon pressure in your temples? Everyone has their own remedies, but this article has a few tips for headache relief whether you choose to take aspirin  or go natural.



Up all night tossing and turning? Try spraying your sheets and your pillow with a calming lavender linen spray . This is a natural sleep enhancer that could help you doze off faster.


It is best to brush your teeth in a circular motion, making sure to hit the gum line. This will help release plaque that can tend to build up at the base of the gums and the teeth. If you have sensitive teeth, choose a specialty toothpaste , and be sure to brush twice a day.


Obviously, the guys don't need to worry about this, but girls, it's important to take all the makeup  off of your face and then wash with a cleanser before going to bed. Leaving makeup on overnight can cause clogged pores and acne, and who wants that?

Lights Out!

To maximise your restful sleep time, make sure curtains  are drawn and you are in a quiet environment. Earplugs  or headphones are good for blocking out noise, and sometimes reading a book  before bed can help you to calm down so you can head quickly into dreamland.

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