Petite Clothing for Women

Being shorter than the average woman can have it benefits and its disadvantages. For example, while we can fit easily into a crowded tube train, we can't always fit into those hot designer jeans  that everyone's wearing. The solution? Read our guide! We have lots of options for women's petite clothing  in that will leave you feeling better about your next shopping trip. 

Tips on Getting the Right Fit

  • Do not settle for clothing that is too big, too long, or that does not fit your proportions. Clothing that does not fit properly can overwhelm the petite frame and make the wearer appear even shorter.
  • Watch out for the shoulders and arms. This is often a problem area for petite women because their shoulders are smaller than women of average to tall heights. Extra material in this area will create a space between the shoulder and neck, so make sure this is not the case.
  • Get in touch with your body shape. Do you have a long torso with short legs, or is it the other way around? Are you large or small breasted? Bottom heavy? Learn what brands best fit your body.
  • High heels  are your friend. Heels elongate your figure, give you better posture, and more confidence. Plus they make you taller in a crowd. Sometimes heels are uncomfortable and wearing them will make it difficult to walk so insoles  might help. If your heels are still giving you difficulty, try a slightly platformed model--the smaller incline and thicker heel makes it easier to wear.

Putting the Outfit Together

There are a few choice articles of clothing that are always hard to find when you are petite. What to watch out for when choosing these items.


Finding jeans  that fit you can be a little bit like finding a needle in a haystack. First of all, make sure they fit in the front and back properly and do not drag on the ground. You can accomplish this by looking for short or ankle lengths. Also, skinny  jeans are a good choice since they will narrow at the bottom and are less likely to hang over your shoes, even if they are a little long. Below you will find a few stores that stock jeans for petites:


This is a tough one. Winter jackets  tend to bulge, are often boxy at the shoulders, and offer too much length. Summer jackets may have a similar problem, and even business style blazers  tend to fit incorrectly. A few things to remember: first of all, make sure sleeves aren't too long. A long sleeve will make the entire jacket  look oversized, so consider either getting them hemmed or picking a jacket that has sleeves slightly shorter than where your wrist ends. Secondly, as mentioned above, avoid any shoulder pads  or extra bulk on top since this might make you look like a pint-sized linebacker. Finally, as for length, if a longer jacket like a trench  goes below the knees, that might be a little too long. Try on a few different jacket styles before deciding the length; depending on your shape, this could vary. Below, a couple of choice models for petites.

Precis Petite Hollywood Jacket 

Women's Petite Insulated Squall Parka 

Women's Petite Microfibre Rain Parka 

Petite Belted Twill Jacket 


Skirts  are another grey area for short gals. One of the better models for a tiny girl is a mini skirt , but if you're feeling like maybe you lack the legs to pull it off, there are a few other options. Medium-length skirts work well if they are above the knee or just a little below. Otherwise, they fall to the calf area and then run the risk of looking too big. Floor-length skirts are manageable for petite women, just make sure that you aren't stepping on any material and that the skirt forms crisp, clean lines. A couple of skirt styles that are sure to go well with your frame are listed below:


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