Photo Editing Software Buying Guide

Want to put your boss's head on the body of the Shrek donkey ? Maybe you would much rather spend your time putting yourself in a picture of your favourite holiday destination instead of actually going there.  Whatever the reason, if you plan to tinker with any digital photos, you will almost certainly need special software.  Use this guide to pick a photo editing program that works best for you and see how creative you can be with a camera and the right software!

Best-Rated Photo Software

  • Used by professionals
  • Easy to navigate and use
  • Guided editor for beginning users
  • On-line functions with Adobe Express
  • Photomerge scene cleaner
  • Extended help features
  • Clean, easy-to-navigate interface
  • Learning Centre for novices
  • Automatic adjustments with Smart Photo Fix
  • Additional effects tools
  • Simple, no frills photo editing
  • Advanced capabilities for expert users
  • Quick Fix studio performs common photo fixes.
  • Manipulate panoramic photos with Panorama feature
  • Photo editing and web design
  • ExpressFix quickly touches up images
  • SmartRemove allows for easy image tracing, dragging and drop
  • Create greeting cards, posters, etc. with Photo Project Wizard 

Photo Editing Tips

Here are some great tips to help you prepare your photos before you send them to others:

  •  Save the original image.
    • When you first begin to edit your photo, save the original image to another file and work on a copy.  This way, you are able to experiment with the software without the worry of permanently altering the image. 
  • Rotate the picture.
    • If you took a photo vertically, when you transfer it to your computer, rotate it before doing anything else--unless you like tilting your head to look at your photos.
  • Use the cropping tool.
    • This tool allows you to trim a photo down to a smaller size so you can cut out unwanted objects or backgrounds. Sounds incriminating! 
  • Take advantage of the automatic level adjusters.
    • Most photo editing software has multiple pre-set filters (brightness, red eye, balance...etc.) that are novice-friendly and make your photography look great.

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