Planning an Outdoor Wedding

Whether it's in your backyard or on the rolling greens of a grand golf  resort, there are a few essential items and some basic tips that will help things run more smoothly at your outdoor wedding.  Besides picking up the standard favours  and flowers , you may want to memorize the number for the weather channel and prepare for that dreaded sunshine stopper--the rain cloud.  Just because the weather is less than perfect doesn't mean your wedding day  has to be.

Go Off Without a Hitch

Your wedding planner will probably have tons of ideas on how to prepare for dreary, not-so-friendly weather.  But in case you're doing the preparations on your own, here a few good ones to think about:

  • If you're wedding's planned for sunset, avoid facing your guests toward the sun. The glare can be painful and will probably make it impossible to take good pictures.
  • If the cake will be sitting outside, you may need to forgo the butter cream for something else that won't melt. Try fondant or marzipan.
  • Get chairs  that are weatherproof and won't burn your guests if they're sitting in the hot sun. Wood or Chiavari is a much better option than metal.
  • Any food that's going to sit out in the sun shouldn't contain anything like mayonnaise which spoils after about an hour in the heat.
  • Citronella candles  and torches are great ways to keep pesky bugs away from your wedding party and guests.
  • If your wedding will wind into the cool evening air, consider renting portable space heaters  to keep guests warm.
  • Glass hurricanes  keep wind from blowing candles out.
  • Above all, reserve a waterproof tent or set a rain location in case of inclement weather.

Keep Your Guests Comfy

Show appreciation for your guests by keeping them comfortable during the ceremony and reception.  Consider purchasing these extras for the big day.

Paper Fans 

You may want to make your programs into fans to conserve money and paper!


If you're having your wedding on a beach or a tropical locale during the day, keep everyone protected from harmful UV rays.

Lap Blankets 

If the weather is a bit chilly, lap blankets may be a welcome addition to all your wedding gear.


Use weights to hold down place cards, table cloths, menus and napkins. This will keep everyone from scurrying about trying to catch rogue paper products in the wind.

Luminaries and Paper Lanterns 

These add romance while keeping walkways and tables well lit for your guests.

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