Plates Buying Guide

Plates are an integral part of tableware and they include dinner plates, salad plates, soup plates and at times tea plates too. You may want to own two different sets of dinner plates, one for daily use and another for those special occasions.  

Materials Used in Dining Plates

  • Make sure to choose plates that are dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe.  
  • You will need plates made of more elegant materials like porcelain, bone china or fine china for an occasion.  
  • Stoneware plates will add style to your dining. They can be double dipped to give a contemporary two tone look. 
  • Colourful melamine plates are great for mealtimes, snacks and picnics. These tough plates are virtually unbreakable so they're safe for children. 
  • Plastic dinner plates are useful during a party or a picnic.  
  • Dinner plates made of classic white china with a variety of spotted or circular designs can be matched with other white dinnerware. 
  • Embossed bands on the rim of the tableware will enhance their presentation.    

Plate Colours

White and lighter shades are preferable as scratches or chips will be less visible on lighter surfaces. Dark or contrasting shades will add colour to your table. Plates with intricate designs painted on them will enhance the beauty of the table setting.  

Versatility in Plate Shapes

Conventionally only round plates were available but nowadays you can have your pick of uniquely designed plates like square plates, oval plates, hexagonal plates etc.  

Popular Brands

  • Wedgewood
  • Denby
  • Royal Doulton
  • John Lewis

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

John Lewis White Bone China Plates 

This plain yet elegant set of four plates in bone china is a classic choice for any occasion, from formal dinner parties to simple family meals. 

Summer Sorbet Melamine Plates 

These tough melamine plates come in truly scrumptious colours like hot pink, sunflower yellow, sky blue and lime. 

Bistro Fine Stoneware Blue Salad Plate 

Made of stoneware, this salad plate is sturdy solid crockery perfect for everyday use.

Quick Picks

Fairmont & Main Dinner Plate Blue Spot 

This dinner plate is hand decorated with under-glaze and a spot design in shades of blue on a beautiful cream body. 

Sanderson Sweet Bay Fine China Dinner Plate 

This exquisite design shows a delicate magnolia placed onto a full fine china dinnerware range. 

Denby White Squares Dinner Plate 

Similar in strength to stoneware, this porcelain plate has a more translucent body and is naturally a blue-grey white. 

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